What is 805 Beer? Everything You Need to Know!

Are you looking for a wealthy and gentle choice of alcohol? It’s time for you to begin your fun with the fantastic 805 beer. We love this exceptional ale drink because of its refreshing nature and a versatile clean finish. It comes in California style, and you’ll be impressed by the extravagating greed it gives you to consume more.

In case the question “what is 805 beer?” is already running in your mind, know it is one of the most enjoyable craft lager or blonde ale with delicate malt sweetness. You’ll enjoy every sip of this ale, and as it drips down your throat, it leaves you with a fantastic mouthfeel. Are you excited to know 805 beer more? Here’s what we’ve for you!

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!

The origin of 805 beer

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!2

Perhaps the old saying of ‘news spread faster than wildfire’ came to light with the emergency of 805 beer back in 2012. Initially, the firestone walker brewery developed 805 beer for the California market only. However, little did they know that the beer would spread like wildfire in other cities of America? Within three years, this beer would rank on top twenty-five national beers in the US.

Leave that aside, and let’s focus on what made this beer unique. When the Firestone Walker Company developed this beer, they probably smelt a business opportunity requiring an ale blend alcohol. 805 beer penetrated rapidly in the market niche because of its malty, cider taste with a refined tart and hoppy finish.

For you folks wondering where the trademark ‘805’ came from, then commensurate on central California’s 805 area code. By 2016, 805 had spread its wings to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. From that point, Firestone Walker started a Columbian chain distribution that oversaw 805 beer sweep the better parts of Hawaii, Washington, and Chicago, Minnesota, in 2018.

In the same 2018 calendar, 805 beer sold close to $50 million beers. That is like 21% growth off 808 beer sales compared to previous years. If that was 2018, what would you think the company’s 808 beer profit is making now? Perhaps it is near, or it has reached a billion mark.

What is 805 Cerveza?

While every bottle of 805 offers an unquenchable thirst, we bet you have not tried the new model 805 Cerveza. If you have tried it, then you are relishing a new era of crispy, dry, and full-bodied drink. What makes this drink different from its ‘mother’ 805 is because there is an added lime flavor in it. Also, the product is softer than 805 with fine pilsner malt.

Imagine having a pilsner malt, barley malt, fruity flavor, hoppy bitterness, and lime sourness all in one drink. In fact, this could be the perfect drink for your next beach party, bone fires vacation, or family outing. Still, you can’t get enough of 805 Cerveza continuous quality development by a professional’s research and development team.

Ingredients of 805

Are you ready to find out what makes this beer a Firestones Walker’s signature? The four significant ingredients found in 805 gives it a soft and full-bodied finish. They include:

1. Water

Typically, water is an unusual ingredient included here because it is used everywhere to prepare beer. But how the 805 brewers use water makes the difference. They use it in a systematic way that makes the beer a soft and smooth taste.

2. Malt

If you are wondering why 805 is so sweet and citrus, then the malt ingredient is your answer. In technical terms, malt means beer preparation with germinated seeds to bring a beer’s coffee- like or caramel flavor. So, 805’s makers use pilsner malt and barley malt. For the pilsner malt, this ingredient gives 805 its crystal and crispy appearance.

3. Hops

If there were no hops in the 805 beer, you would probably dismiss it as a soda or juice. But the bitter aftertaste of hops elements balances the 805’s cider taste. The hops effect also catalyzes your inebriation mood. Whether an 805 prepared in kegs, bottles, or cans, hops element preserves these drinks to their nourishing character.

4. Yeast

Yeast is a fermenting agent that increases alcohol content in beer. The 805 brewers use natural yeast or quality synthetic yeast to ferment the beverage within eight days. Still, yeast increases the carbonation of 805 drinks, making them crispy and smooth. You will undoubtedly love the bubbling and fizzing 805 drink because of yeast.

Alcohol content for 805 beer

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!3

Since 805 beer is not just a beer but a lifestyle, it emphasizes its clients’ maturity while taking the drink. High ethanol capacity in a drink can harm your health. Perhaps that is why the 805 developers prepared a 4.7% alcohol content.

Typically, it feels sweet when a beer ‘lifts you to paradise.’ However, if the ethanol content is unchecked, it can turn to poison. You can know the alcohol content of a beer by checking on Alcohol by Volume (ABV), which is always marked in the beer can or bottle. As for 805 beer, 4.7% is the ABV. In other terms, pure ethanol in 805 is 4.7 ml over 100 ml solution.

What is 805 beer calories?

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!4

Just like the ethanol content in alcohol, there is also a percentage of calories in the beer. Unless you want add weight, you must limit the alcohol calories. The 804 brewers prioritize your health because they prepare a low-count of 141 grams calories.

Usually, calories increase cholesterol levels, leading to heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. For that reason, ensure your drink contains a standard 238 ounces ethanol calories.

Is 805 a gluten-free beer?

Unfortunately, 804 is not entirely free of gluten, but that is not why you should not take it. The presence of barley malt in 804 is what adds the gluten (protein) compound in it. People fear glutinous beers because they have protein elements that are unbreakable to simple dissolvable units. Therefore gluten adds more fats to your body.

Fortunately, 804 falls under the rank of Gluten-reduced beer. As this beverage is prepared with barley, there is an added enzyme called Clarex. Clarex is an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of gluten proteins. Therefore 805 beer contains less than 20 percent of gluten.

What does 805 beer taste like?

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!6

Technically, the hallmark taste of 805 beer is a light, malty, and fruity taste with a hoppy bitter aftertaste. For the 805 Cerveza, you can’t get enough of its crispy, dry, full-bodied taste with a tart or citric lemon finish. To understand the taste of 805, we will break down the beer’s taste to its flavor and aroma.

After making your first sip of 805 beer, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate its cider and honey-like taste. It has a mild soft, malty flavor like biscuit or bread and a hoppy bitterness after-feel complemented by lemon’s citric finish.

The drink smells sweet because of the floral and malty blend. Furthermore, a balmy smell of hops element makes you feel revitalized. Not to mention, the 805’s fruity whiff that nourishes the air.

Food pairing for 805 beer

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!7

Note that you can take 805 beer with foods in different ways. First, you can blend it to resemble a caramel syrup that you can add to food as a sauce. Also, you can add other drinks like juice to make the beer a cocktail. Finally, you can drink 805 separately while eating. The following are the foods that you can pair with 805.


Eating a steak beef is fantastic with 805 drinks. The lemon or hops bitterness of 805 would soften the fatty meat. Still, the malty 805 beer touch would complement a delicious piece of meat.


Typically, Salad is prepared when raw, and therefore it is gaseous and has a rough texture. Why don’t you combine such food with a smooth and refreshing 805 beer, which soften it? Also, the tart or bitter taste would neutralize the salad gas.


This type of food is vinegar-spiced rice blended with egg, fish, and vegetables. A fruity soft drink like 805 combines well with the sourness of egg and ocean dishes of Sushi. Still, this pairing does not leave an unpleasing egg taste on the tongue.


For your sweet and malt 805 drink, it would match with biter herbaceous paste. That is because the cider taste of 805 would neutralize the bitter pasta.

Deviled eggs

A crisp beer like 805 Cerveza would spice up the taste of deviled eggs. Even the 805 Cerveza lemon and hoppy finish neutralize the Deviled eggs salt and spice.


Now that you know more about 805 beer, you should be planning where to buy it for your next outing. With 805’s sweet and smooth flavors, you and your friends should enjoy it together like a soft drink.

Even with 805’s 4.5% alcohol presence, you are sure your inebriation mood will remain tranquil. On top of that, this beer has the newest model ‘805 Cerveza’ which has a crispy tasty and goes well with several dishes.

If you have ever taken this beer, tell us your experience. For those preparing to take 805 for the first time, please also tell us which 805 attributes have pushed you to try it. Questions and comments are also welcome, so, feel free to bring them forth.

What is 805 Beer Everything You Need to Know!8

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  1. I bought my first case three weeks ago. I mostly drink Modelo and Heinken. I was just curious, I do enjoy the ale that comes from Boston area but they are so expensive.
    my first sip was very enjoyable a sweet and a light citrus flavor not overbearing like most IPA’s. To me this was something special. It reminded me of the German weisebier but lighter and more drinkable. My case is almost gone and I’m doing something different, I’m drinking from a glass, it taste better this way….805 is the new kid on the block, Ken T.


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