7 Easy Steps to Brew Sour Beer

7 Easy Steps to Brew Sour Beer

Sour beer is all the rage among craft beer lovers. Although this is historically the oldest beer style, it is safe to say that modern-day sour beers do not come cheap. The good news is … Read more

6 Easy Steps to Make Root Beer at Home9

6 Easy Steps to Make Root Beer at Home

Sweet, crispy with hints of musk and earth, root beer is the ultimate summer chill-out drink. Traditional root beer is made using the real root of the sassafras tree. But, do not worry if you … Read more

5 Easy Steps To Make Cream Ale

5 Easy Steps to Make Cream Ale

Cream ale is a distinctly American beer with a rich history dating as far back as the 19th century. A hybrid between a true ale and a lager, the cream ale style of beer is … Read more

8 Easy Steps to Make Beer Soap

8 Easy Steps to Make Beer Soap

Do you fancy the idea of lathering up in boozy soap? Beer is said to have amazing benefits for the skin including exfoliating dead cells, brightening pale skin, minimizing oil production, and even fighting acne. … Read more

How To Make Hefeweizen1

How To Make Hefeweizen

Have you ever drank beer that tastes so good and looks so beautiful that you couldn’t help but want to make some for yourself to sip at your own convenience? Yep! Few beers have that … Read more

10 Easy Steps To Make Hard Cider1

10 Easy Steps to Make Hard Cider

If you are new to the world of home beer making, brewing up some hard cider is a good place to start practicing and improving your skills. Once you gather the easy-to-access equipment and supplies, … Read more

6 Easy Steps To Make Amber Ale1

6 Easy Steps to Make Amber Ale

The American amber ale, commonly referred to as amber ale, is a beer style with bold hop flavors and distinct bitterness. It is darker than pale ale with stronger notes of malt. According to the … Read more

8 Easy Steps to Make Kombucha Beer

8 Easy Steps to Make Kombucha Beer

When it comes to crisp, refreshing beverages, Kombucha is the perfect balancing act. It is causal with solid health benefits, sweet with a touch of tangy, and boozy with low alcohol content. Kombucha is basically … Read more

7 Easy Steps To Make Green Beer At Home1

7 Easy Steps to Make Green Beer at Home

Have you ever drunk emerald-colored beer at the bar? Are you looking to replicate it at home? Exotic as it looks, green beer is actually easy to make. You don’t need extra equipment or special … Read more

11 Easy Steps To Make Butter Beer At Home

11 Easy Steps to Make Butter Beer at Home

The Harry Potter fantasy series popularized butterbeer but in reality, the alcoholic version of this beer style dates as far back as 1588. Then, it was known as buttered beere and it was drunk warm, … Read more