17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily

Owning a kegging system is all cool and fun unless it comes to cleaning it! The kegging system, especially beer lines, must be frequently cleaned to maintain the hygiene, and of course, the taste of your beer.

Beer cleaners are expensive, and you surely don’t want to invest your hard-earned money on something that you can DIY on your own, do you? We hear you, and so, we’ve come up with a list of 17 DIY beer line cleaner ideas. Let’s go through them one by one!

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily1

1. DIY Beer Line Cleaner for under $15

Being a house owner, you definitely want to keep your sanitary practices in place and your beer to taste good. So, here’s a perfect video tutorial that teaches you how to make a beer line cleaner at an affordable budget under $15.

All you need is a pressure cleaner, a liquid post with a universal poppet, spanner, and some thread tape. Follow this video tutorial and the next thing you will have is your own beer line cleaner at your place.


2. DIY Beer Line Cleaner By: Tom Ayers

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily2

Your drink will taste much better and will be less likely to spoil after using beer line cleaners. This site guides you to make your own beer line cleaner for less than $20 using the parts readily available at your local hardware stores.

If you are willing to make a cheap and simple beer line cleaner, you must definitely give this tutorial a try. The necessary items and the proper instruction are mentioned on this site for your guidance.

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3. DIY Beer Line Cleaner build – PART 1

If you are a DIY lover, you can utilize your leisure to craft this easy beer line cleaner. All you need is a spare garden sprayer pump, liquid post, female tailpiece, and a clamp.

The Youtuber thoroughly explains each and every step thoroughly. You might want to read a comment where the commenter named Reed Roussel has suggested some alternative materials for an adapter that are cheaply available and equally effective for the project.


4. DIY Beer line cleaner under 30 seconds and 20$

Dr Hans Brewery’s tutorial gives you the most straightforward idea of making beer line cleaner and guarantees that it can be made for under $20 and under 30 seconds.

A commenter on this video tutorial has warned not to use Starsan, which might damage your beer pipeline if parts of your beer line are made up of copper.


5. Make a Home Brew Keg Line Cleaner

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily3

This written tutorial on DIY beer line cleaner by Instructables has all the materials listed. The construction process is also described adequately; you just need to follow the steps to make a fantastic beer line cleaner.

The blogger has also mentioned how difficult it was for him to find the right size pipe connector. Moreover, a commenter on the site has warned the readers not to use sprayer tanks previously used to kill the weeds.

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6. Simple Do-It-Yourself Beer Line Cleaner

The Youtuber from The Brew-Q says this video helps you make beer line cleaner that works fantastic and assures you that it will simplify the beer line cleaning process.

He further points out to buy the pump sprayer from Home Depot rather than from Lowes to simply not face the problem of threading.

Moreover, he has also mentioned the brass piece’s dimension that you might need for easier construction of the beer line cleaner.


7. Clean Beer Lines Dispense Quality Beer!

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily4

Do you have a hand-pumped cleaning bottle or a pressurized cleaning bottle handy? If yes, this DIY is perfect for you. All the items required for the construction are mentioned on the site.

A detailed and easy-to-follow procedure for cleaning is also given. Follow those instructions for homemade beer line cleaners at a cheap cost. The blogger further suggests you do the inspection and routine maintenance of your kegerator.

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8. How To Make A Draft (Draught) Beer Line Cleaning System ✪Full Instructions✪ DJs BrewTube Quick Tip

This simple DIY build video tutorial guides you to make a draft line cleaning system at a cost that is one third the rated price online or at homebrew shops. You can follow the easy step-by-step instructions to construct your own beer line cleaning system.

The Youtuber ensures you that this DIY beer line cleaning system will allow you to do interim draft line cleaning with ease. The Youtuber further ensures you that you will have a funk free and better-tasting beer after using this system.


9. DIY Beer Line Cleaner

The blogger from MicroBus Brewery suggests that using a Carbonator cap, 2-liter plastic pop bottle, and flat file, sandpaper, or any abrasive material will be enough to DIY your own beer cleaning system. You can find all those materials online or in your nearest hardware store.

Moreover, the blogger provides his readers with instructions on how to use this beer line cleaner.

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10. Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner – Never Waste CO2 Again!

The Youtuber from Brew on a Budget realized that his kegerators require frequent cleaning, so he made his own beer line cleaning system under $30. He then made this video tutorial for beginners like us interested in DIYing a recirculating beer line cleaner.

Gather all the necessary supplies, including a small submersible pump and a proper tubing pipe, and follow the video’s instructions to construct an excellent yet cheap beer line cleaner for yourself.


11. Beer Line Cleaner for a Kegerator

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily5

While a typical beer line cleaner kit costs you around $50, the kit for this DIY project on Instructables will only cost you a few dollars. All the parts you’ll need to complete this DIY beer line cleaner are listed at the beginning, followed by an elaborative step-by-step procedure.

You can find more such interesting DIYs on Instructables. From cooking, circuits, workshops to even projects for teachers, you can find all types of DIYs there.

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12. How to make a keg line cleaner in 5 minutes

If you’re not someone who likes to put a lot of effort, money, and time into DIYs, here’s a perfect DIY for you. Make this DIY beer cleaner for less than $20 and under 3 minutes. All you need is a sprayer bottle and a carbonation cap.

All the comments in the video are encouraging, which means the Youtuber has certainly done it right!


13. Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner – Never Waste CO2 Again

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily6

The blogger from Bre on a budget realized that the usual beer cleaning method that involves filling an extra keg with a cleaner, hooking it up with CO2, and running the solution through the beer line was inefficient.

So, he decided to make a DIY beer line cleaner that doesn’t involve using CO2 or an extra keg. And, do you what’s even better? This DIY device costs you less than $30. So, if you’re impressed by this DIY idea, certainly go for it!

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14. DIY Beer Line Cleaner | Cheap & Easy | Step By Step Beer Line Cleaning

Make a cheap and easy beer line cleaner using a submersible pump, tubing, and a connect fitting to fit your kegs. The Youtuber has mentioned in the video description that the entire DIY can be completed for around $30.

He further states that other DIY beer cleaners that use hand pump sprayers are way more work and cost even more relatively. The timestamps for the intro, items needed, and process sections are in the description box.


15. Beer Line Cleaner

Thegatesofdawn’s blogger decided to DIY a beer line cleaner as the usual cleaning method didn’t involve any DIY work. For you, the reason might be different, but if you’re looking for a new and easy way of cleaning your beer lines, here’s a DIY that only costs you around $20.

For this DIY, you’ll require only four items and all the construction procedure is described in detail.

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16. How To Manually Clean Your Beer Lines With Beer Line Cleaner

If you’ve just installed a kegging system at your house, this video is very thorough on how to clean the beer lines manually. What’s more, this way of cleaning beer lines doesn’t involve any DIY work.


17. Your Complete Guide to Beerline cleaning

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily7

Read this comprehensive guide to know more about the main contaminants that build up in your beer lines, how to clean the beer lines manually, and how often to clean them. This guide is very beginner-friendly and is sure to be a great help to you if you’re one.

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Cleaning your beer line is not just about maintaining your beer’s flavor but also about keeping your kegging system hygienic. Thus, it’s not a choice; it’s a must!

Whether you’re just a beginner or someone who’s looking for many alternative ideas to clean the beer lines, we’ve added all kinds of DIY to this list. Just choose one that you think is the more efficient and cost-effective. By the way, how often do you clean your beer lines? Let us know!

17 Homemade Beer Line Cleaner Ideas You Can DIY Easily8

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