How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?

If you’re asking yourself ‘how does Guinness taste’ or would wish to know, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find the answer to your question. You will also know the different brands of Guinness, their tastes, as well as various factors that influence the flavors of Guinness.

Guinness has been on the helm since the late 18th century. And it is a product that has gone a milestone of improvement since its inception. There are many alcohol brands, but Guinness has a unique taste that differentiates other brands.

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?1

How Does Guinness Taste Like?

Guinness has malty sugariness, combined with citric-like bitterness. Still, you will realize some coffee-like taste in the product. Since Guinness is prepared with barley, a roasted flavor appears from malted material. You also sense a soft, subtle, and creamy taste on your tongue.

The beer has a sweet malt aroma. Besides, there are different types of Guinness brands, which share unique Guinness tastes, but they have some added flavor.

How Do Different Brands of Guinness Taste

1. Guinness draught

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?2

In your experience with Guinness Draught, you will not forget the fruity, coffee-like flavor. Guinness draught is an example of a nitrogenized drink. That means it is light and smooth for a nourishing mouthfeel.

The brand has a conspicuous brown color that highlights a chocolate and coffee-like taste. Still, a bitter malty taste will follow a stint fruity flavor.  Your nose will also miss the milky chocolate and citric aroma.

2. Guinness Nitro IPA

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?3

If you want to experience a stunning combination of rich aroma, texture, and flavor, you’ll undoubtedly love Guinness Nitro IPA. It is an advanced Guinness Draught model. Perhaps its advanced nitrogenizing offers that relishing creamy mouthfeel.

This Guinness also has an irresistible mixture of hops. As you drink it, you will have citrus flavor nourishment.  You’ll also be refreshed by the sugary taste and in the end you experience a caramel feel. Furthermore, the drink’s dense bubbles will rubberstamp your enjoyment.

3. Guinness Extra Stout

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?4

This brand represents a classic taste that Ireland locals love. It is the first beer type that originated from Ireland. At the taste of it, a sharp and crispy flavor appears. Not to mention, the citric nourishment will clear your throat.

Moreover, if you want a natural malty palate, this is your beer. That malty taste epitomizes a corresponding sweet and bitter taste. That makes you want to take it more, even when your eyes turn watery.

4. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?5

Do you prefer a bitter brand of Guinness? You might find Guinness foreign extra stout as your favorite beer. This brand is the darkest type of Guinness. It comes with a milky-like flavor that matches with its roasted barley bitterness.

First, the beer’s fruity sweetness nourishes your tongue. Then the bitter mouthfeel curdles your mouth. That aside, you’ll enjoy a malty, toffee, and nutty finish that will quench your throat.

5. Guinness Over The Moon Milk Stout

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?6

Just like its name, this is the sweetest brand of Guinness. Its first caramel touch on your tongue makes you feel like you are in your fairytale paradise. The sweetness comes from roasted malt, milky chocolate, and coffee elements.

You would also like to take it in the morning with bread. It offers a luxurious breakfast.

What Are the Types of Foods That Tastes Well With Guinness?

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?7

  • Beef stew – Mostly in clubs, you will find people drinking Guinness while enjoying the meat. These two products seem to go hand in hand. That is because the meaty flavor of food matches well with the bitterness mouthfeel of Guinness.
  • Cottage pie – This pie is baked with mashed potatoes, other vegetables, and minced meat. You would neutralize the bitterness of the Guinness with it.
  • Ice cream –  The citric and caramel taste of Guinness matches with ice cream. Still, you can combine the vanilla with Stout, and it produces a lavishing taste.
  • Kidney pie – Anything to do with meat is good for Guinness. You cook the kidney pie with minced animals, kidney, beef, and sautéed onion. An addition of peeper matches the bitter mouthfeel of Guinness.
  • Fish and French fries – While preparing fish or chips, you can pour Guinness on it. The fish oil will probably react with the bubbling Guinness to bring a caramel taste.
  • Salmon – It is one of the staple food in Ireland. Most people add the beer as flavor, which creates a sour, sweet milky taste in the salmon.

The list is endless. There are many foods that go well with Guinness. You can always pick your favorite.

What Are the Factors that influence The Taste of Guinness?

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?8

  • Temperature

Guinness requires a minimum temperature of 38 degrees that brings its creamy taste. But anything over that means the precut is highly-carbonated. When a beer has higher carbon is sour or loses flavor.

  • The air combination

Initially, Guinness manufacturers made original Stout from carbon dioxide. But that was until 1950, where the Guinness Draught Model appeared. Perhaps, if you are familiar with these brands, you can tell the difference in their taste.

With the draught, they introduced. This nitrogen influenced the taste as well because the product possess a malty and hopping palates.

  • The Type Of Glass

Did you know that the type of glass you use in a bar can influence the beer quality? The glassware comes with different volume and surface area. If Guinness drips in a surface that harnesses its viscosity, the foam, thick distillate will appear on the drink.

  • Freshness

Guinness product should be served when it is fresh. The sealing should also not be removed not to let oxygen inside. Remember that if air enters, they encourage bacteria and yeast growth that makes the taste of the drink sour and stale.  Therefore we can conclude that the freshest pint is the sweetest brew.


Guinness’s unique taste is what has made it one of the best Stout beer in the world. Guinness is still producing some brands that cater to every welfare of customers. Like it’s recently launched, Guinness 0.0′ caters to non-alcoholic drinkers.

Hopefully, by now you can differentiate the tastes of some brands.  Still, you understand why some people prepare or take food with Guinness. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them.

How Does Guinness Beer Taste Like?9

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