How Long for Beer to get Cold in Freezer? (7 Tips to Fast)

Are you wondering how long for a beer to get cold in a freezer? You might find this article helpful especially if you normally have friends come over during hot summer, and the first thing you think of is grabbing a cool beer for each. But what if you only have warm beers?

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Since the next thing that crosses your mind is how you’ll quickly get the drinks cold, we’ve explained various techniques that will help you solve your dilemma. It is possible to cool alcohol in less than thirty minutes in a freezer.

However, before diving right into these cooling methods, we’ll discuss why a freezer is the right option and not a fridge.

Freezer Vs Refrigerator In Terms Of Cooling Time

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Since many people have refrigerators, they do not see it paramount to buy freezers. To know which the best cooler for beer is, you can conduct a test between the Fridge and Freezer. Have a stopwatch, and thermometer and indicate the cooling time of beer in object.

What is the time taken for the beer to chill in a fridge?

Frist ensure the beers are in room temperature, which is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You should place the bottles on the fridge for the test and measure the temperature after an hour. You will realize that the temperature drops hastily, then it starts to slow down with time.

By the time the beer reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be after five hours or so. Definitely, five hours is long time for you or your friends to taste the beer.

How long does it take to cool a beer in a freezer?

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Conduct the same test as you conducted with the refrigerator. Start your stopwatch after placing the beer in a freezer. However, you should not let the cans cool for long because the alcohol content may slush or the bottle may damage.

Also, conduct this test at a room temperature of 72 degrees. You will realize that in less than an hour, the beer could have dropped about forty degrees. And in an hour, the beer could be cool enough for consumption.

But since you cannot wait for an hour for the brew to cool, you could improvise some cooling methods that cool the product in fifteen minutes. Which are these methods? Find out below!

1. Cover Your Beer Bottle or Can With A Soaked Towel

This method is applicable if you have a few cans of beer. You should first sprinkle cold water on the bottle, and then wet the towel and wrap it on the beer cans or bottles. After that, place the containers in the freezer when still covered with soaked towels.

After fifteen minutes, you’ll realize the beer is ready for you and your friends. But what makes the wet clothe cool the beer faster is the thermal conductivity of water and beer.

If you’re still wondering how thermal conductivity aspect comes in this area, it comes when the soaked clothes evaporate, thereby drawing the heat of beer along with it. Consequently, in fifteen minutes, the beer’s warmth is all drawn away.

However, be cautious with the time. If you happen to surpass this time, you may find the beer frozen. Unless you have a hammer nearby to crush the ice, it will be hard for you. Still, you can damage the beer itself if you are not careful when crashing the ice.

2. Wrap with a Copper Foil

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While you wrap the beers with a soaked towel, you can still use the copper foil to cover them. This is because copper has a high thermal conductor. If you combine those two techniques, I bet your beer will cool in less than ten minutes.

3. Why don’t you drill your package?

Do you know that you can make beer rotate to cool in five minutes?  First, you should drill holes in a bottle cap and cover them with a screw. Attach the bolted screw with a power system that induces the rotation of the bottle. When they rotate, they increase the heat transfer necessary for cooling.

4. You can add dry ice

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You can add some dry ice to the alcohol cans in a freezer. Although the freezer is icy itself, these ice cubes will absorb much warmth in the brew. But avoid melting the cubes by directly contacting them with warm bottles. Consequently, in fifteen minutes, your drink is cool to take.

5. Use a SpinChill

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If you want your freezer beer to chill in five minutes, use a SpinChill. You will only have to part with thirty dollars to get it. A spin chill also creates a rotatory motion on the beer in a freezer. After some time, the beer cools due to this motion without any added carbonation.

What are other methods to cool your brew in fifteen minutes?

  • Submerge the beer in ice water and salt

Before placing the bottle in a freezer, you can decide on this option. You only need a bucket or a basin, ice cubes, and salty water. Plunge your beer cans or bottles in the solution and wait for them to cool.

I like using salt because it lowers the freezing point of ice and water. The salt still improves the icy water contact with the bottle surface for it to cool.

  • Use compressed air coolant

Did you know that you can dry a brew in thirty seconds? That would be fun to spray your beer with compressed air like a fire extinguisher. You can do this even when the bottles are laid on your freezer.


With that information, we think you are on the right track to cool your beer. We know now that you cannot waste five hours cooling the beer in the fridge while you have a freezer. Still, if you do not have a freezer, you have the option of using ice and salty water in a basin.

Lastly, we hope the techniques that increase the cooling rate at your freezer will help you. Since using copper foil, air compressor, or drills is expensive; we suggest using soaked clothing. You can always feel free to leave a comment if you have suggestions or questions.

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  1. I love this post! I just moved into a new place and am trying to figure out how to keep my beer cold. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Salt / ice water is one of the quickest ways to cool down your brew. Just be careful when adding the rock salt.. it is possible to freeze the beers if the solution is too cold.

  3. Adding salt, or any solute, reduces the point at which water will freeze but it doesn’t make it colder. I think you’re just wasting salt


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