2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle

Do you love the look of your favorite beer bottle so much that you can’t stand to throw it away? Well, you might be able to repurpose it. To make a glass out of a bottle, you will need just a few basic tools and a little bit of patience. These are bound to steal the show at any party and are well worth the effort.

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 1


To make glass out of bottles, you will need the following:

  • Old bottles
  • Bottle cutter
  • Nail polish remover
  • Sandpaper
  • Thick yarn
  • Source of heat e.g. candle or lighter
  • Ice cold water
  • Bowl
  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles

Step-by-Step Guide

There are two methods of making a glass out of a bottle: using a string of yarn or using a bottle cutter. Using a bottle cutter is more efficient and time-saving but if that’s not an option, the yarn method will do.

1. Cutting A Glass Bottle Using Yarn

Follow these easy steps to make a glass out of your favorite beer bottle using just yarn, acetone, and a temperature difference.

Step 1

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 2

Tie a string of yarn around the bottle where you want to cut. Wrap the string about 3 to 4 times around the bottle. Tie a knot then slip the string off the bottle.

Step 2

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 3

Soak the string of yarn in a small bowl of acetone-based nail polish remover for a few minutes. Acetone will help to keep the string aflame when you heat the bottle for cutting. Be sure to wear a mask when handling acetone to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes.

Step 3

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 4

Remove the yarn from the acetone and slip it back on the bottle to the point where you want to cut. Wipe off any acetone that has dripped on the bottle and other surrounding surfaces to avoid a potential fire hazard when you light up the string.

Step 4

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 5

Prepare an ice bath in a sink. The cold water will help to create the temperature difference needed to cut the bottle.

Step 5

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 6

Set the acetone-soaked yarn aflame. Light up a candle or a lighter. Hold the bottle horizontally and bring the string on the bottle to the source of fire. As the string burns, the bottle will make a crackling sound, an indication that the bottle is expanding under the heat.

Step 6

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 7

Allow the string of yarn to burn completely. As soon as the string burns out, submerge the bottle into the ice-cold water in the sink. This sudden temperature difference will cause the bottle to break at the point where you had placed the string. You now have your raw drinking glass made out of a bottle.

Step 7

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 8

Take the edge off your new glass by sanding down the rim. Be sure to wear protective gear when handling raw glass. Using fine-grit sandpaper, sand around the edges of the glass until it is smooth and safe to use.

Be careful not to transfer glass particles to other surfaces as these can be dangerous, especially when inhaled. Keep sanding until the edge is as smooth as the store-bought glasses.

Step 8

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 9

Clean the glass thoroughly. Before using, clean the glass to get rid of any sharp particles lingering on the glass. Your glass is now ready to use!

How to cut glass using a bottle cutter

If you want to make glass out of bottles at a pro-level, you might consider using a bottle cutter. You can obtain a bottle cutter inexpensively online but just be sure to opt for one that has a small base for holding the bottle in place.

Follow these steps for cutting glass using a bottle cutter.

Step 1

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 10

Place the bottle horizontally on the base of the bottle cutter. The cutter should be placed on a flat level surface. Adjust the bottle cutter as needed depending on the size of the glass you want to cut.

Step 2

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 11

Adjust the blade. The bottle cutter comes with a blade that ensures a smooth cut. As you prepare to cut, the bottle should be flash with the blade.

Step 3

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 12

Make sure that the bottle is properly mounted onto the cutter. The cutter is fitted with clamps that help to hold the bottle in place. Remember, you want a smooth cut so if the bottle is fidgety, you will not get the desired outcome.

Step 4

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 13

Proceed to cut the bottle. With the bottle clamped on the cutter and the blade in its proper position, slowly but steadily rotate the glass clockwise. As this happens, you will hear a scraping sound, which tells you that the blade is making a cut mark on the bottle.

You only need to rotate the bottle once. You will be able to tell when the bottle has completed a rotation, as the blade will reconnect with the starting point.

Step 5

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 14

Heat the bottle. Hold the bottle horizontally and place it atop a source of heat such as a candle or a lighter. Direct the scored line to the source of heat as you turn the bottle severally. As the bottle expands, you will hear a crackling sound.

Step 6

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 15

Place the heated bottle in ice water. The temperature difference between the water and the hot bottle will aid in cutting the bottle as desired.

Be sure to lower the bottle into the cold water as opposed to dropping it in suddenly. This prevents vertical lines from forming on the bottle.

If the bottle doesn’t cut along the scored line, you will need to return it to the source of heat for a few more minutes. Turn the bottle severally, ensuring that the flames are directed toward the scored line but are barely touching the surface of the bottle.

Return the bottle to the sink of ice water to breaking along the scored line. You should now have your glass.

Step 7

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 16

Smooth out the edges. Use fine-grit sandpaper to file down the glass rim. As you go along, check for any exposed edges and continue to file until you are satisfied with the safety and aesthetics of your newly made glass.

Congratulations on making your first glass out of a bottle. These DIY glasses make for fantastic gifts. Alternatively, you could make a couple of glasses and bring them out when you have company with whom to enjoy your favorite drink.

Extended Tips

Here are some extra recommendations to make this cool project a success.

  • Prioritize your safety

Be careful when handling glass to minimize the risk of deep cuts. Please wear cut-proof gloves and googles throughout this project.

If you opt for the yard and acetone method, do this in a well-ventilated area. In addition to being highly flammable, acetone also has an unpleasant, almost chocking smell. Remember to wipe all surfaces that come into contact with the acetone to minimize the risk of fire.

  • Choose the right bottle

The whole point of making glass out of a bottle is to make use of the nice design, logo, or artwork on the bottle. So, you should pick bottles that have the artwork inscribed on the glass itself and not on a removable paper label.

  • Sand underwater

Consider sanding your glass under a tap of running water or in a shallow dish of water. Alternatively, you can buy a wet sandpaper from your local home improvement store. Water traps the pieces of glass as you sand, preventing them from spreading all over the place. You also definitely do not want to inhale powdered glass.

  • Remember to clean your bottle

Always clean your bottles before cutting them. Dirt in the bottle can make it difficult to score a straight line even with a sturdy bottle cutter. If you are trying to make a glass then you should strive for clean, straight edges.


If you are looking to put your old beer bottles to use, making drinking glasses out of these bottles is a great idea. You might have to give it a few tries but once you get a hang of the bottle cutting process it will be well worth it.

Do you have any questions or comments on repurposing your beer bottles? We’d love to hear from you!

2 Ways to Make a Glass Out of A Bottle 17

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  1. Question: when you did this using the second method, about how long did it take you to make one of these in terms of labour (not concerned about the time it takes to wait for it to cool, more the prep, cutting, sanding, etc) Thinking I might be able to do this as a side hustle over the cold boring winter months and have inventory for the summer beer season.


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