18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily

If you’ve just had a party, you must have quite a few empty beer bottles waiting to be trashed into the bin. And a bit of hangover too! We can’t do anything about your hangover, but what if we say the bottles can be upcycled into incredibly creative DIYs?

For your ease, we’ve collected some brilliant beer bottle DIY ideas that you can do during your leisure. You can even do these DIYs with your kid if you have one. Now, let’s dive deep and look at some excellent DIY ideas!

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily1

1. Glass Bottle Tiki Torch

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily2

Tiki torches are rustic and vintage, aren’t they? But did you know that you can make your own tiki torch using a beer bottle? All you need is a cotton wick, a beer bottle, its cap, and oil.

The blogger from Instructables has given a warning, i.e., to not fill the oil up to the top and a hack on how to make wick from an old cotton t-shirt at the end of the blog. So, don’t miss out on these tips!

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2. BEER BOTTLE LAMP (in 5 simple steps)|| BEST OUT OF WASTE||

It looks like beer bottles are in charge of lighting up our mood as well as our room! Make a beer bottle lamp by following this simple 5-step DY tutorial video.

Simply stuff the bottle with Christmas light lying around your house and design a stand for the bottle. Well, if you’ve decided to do this DIY, don’t follow my one-sentence tutorial; head over to this DIY video!

3. Inspired Design Daily DIY: Beer Bottle Wind Chime

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily3

If you have a few colorful beer bottles, this DIY is perfect for you! Even if all the beer bottles you have are of a single color, you can still make this wind chime, in case you don’t mind the monotony.

A simple illustrative hand-drawn procedural figure in this post will make your day. The trickiest part of the project might be cutting the glass bottle. So, for that part, read carefully what the blogger has to say!

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4. Where To Buy Soap Dispenser Pump Replacements for Liquor Bottle or Wine Bottle Soap Dispensers

There are many tutorials of making beer bottles soap dispensers on the internet, but this tutorial is unique because the Youtuber has mentioned the link to the soap dispenser in his video description.

All you need is a collar ring to convert your non-threaded beer bottles into threaded ones, and you’re good to go!

5. Corona Lights – Beer Bottle Lights

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily4

The exciting fact about all of these beer bottle DIYs is that they’re all incredibly easy and fun to do! No hard-core elbow-grease required, but the end results are beautiful anyway. Here’s another easy beer bottle lamp tutorial.

These beer bottle lamps would serve as a decorative piece for your bedroom, dorm room, or even a game room!

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6. How to Make Beer or Wine Bottle Lamp by Very Easy (Diwali and Christmas Crafts): DIY

Different from other beer bottle lamps, this design is very unique and cute. What’s more, this tutorial guides you to make a hanging beer lamp!

The process of fitting the bulb inside the bottle is not shown in the tutorial. So, if you’re not into electronics, you should definitely take the help of someone who knows how to fit a bulb. Once you’re done, hang the bottle anywhere you want and enjoy its magic in the dark!

7. we like it wild: bottle gardens

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily5

Well, we all like it wild, don’t we? What better way to recycle beer glasses than making a garden out of them? This blog will show you how to!

If you’re someone who loves plants and gardening but forgets to water them, this tutorial will make your life much easier. Shorten your to-do list with these self-watering beer bottle planters.

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8. How to hang glass bottle for plants |room decor|wall hanging

Though this DIY is for regular glass bottles, you can also decorate your beer bottles this way. Liven up your bedroom or study room with this DIY planter.

The knot pattern in this DIY project makes the bottle look minimal and fancy at the same time. The process is also fairly easy. If you’re interested in such creative DIYs and arts, Amaan Art Work might have what you’re looking for.

9. Beer bottle candles and cutting glass!

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily6

If you want to do a simple and authentic beer bottle DIY, you must make candles out of them. Read this tutorial to find out how you can perfectly cut your beer bottles and the procedure to make the candles in them.

The best part of this DIY is that you can make wind chimes out of the top part of bottles. If you want to make one, head over to the site right away!

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Creativity has no language barrier, right? So, despite this video not being in English, you can pull off this DIY.

Wait, was that a bit dramatic? Turn on the subtitles to know what he’s doing!

Make wonderful mini gardens using beer bottles. If you have too many beer bottles, you can even layer your mini gardens and hang them. The end result is fascinating, you have to see it!

11. Bottle Lamp/Bottle Art/ Bottle decoration/Bottle Craft

If you’re making beer bottle lamps or using them as planters, decorating the bottles will significantly level-up the aesthetic value.

But how do you paint a glass bottle? This Youtube tutorial will demonstrate to you exactly how you can paint the beer bottles. A small tip – coat your beer bottles with your regular stationery glue before painting them with acrylic colors.

12. DIY Beer Bottle Salt & Pepper Shakers

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily7

When our minds are too occupied with fancy DIY beer bottle lamps and planters, we often forget that these bottles can make great salt and paper shakers.

Well, looks like somebody has remembered! The blogger from S, Pres. Oh! will detail you on making beer bottles salt and paper shakers. Let me tell you anyway; all you need is two beer bottles, bottle caps, a pointy object, paint (if necessary), and salt and paper, of course.

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13. DIY Glass Bottle Decoration Ideas – DIY Room Decor Projects

We’ve talked about how decoration adds up value to your beer bottle lamps and planters. But have you ever thought of simply using beer bottles for decoration?

If you’re confused, you must check this brilliant DIY video out. You’ll be surprised to see how you can decorate the bottles to create absolutely stunning decorative pieces.

14. Aluminum Copper Colored Beer Bottle LED Light Chandelier (With Cap Saver Display)

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily8

This DIY is not a child’s play. But if you’re committed to doing it, you can! The chandelier looks really fancy, and even if you don’t have enough bottles, you can start with a few and fill the pockets later.

The project demands a few LED work and metalwork. So, if you’re not experienced enough to do these works, take help from your knowledgeable friend or family member.

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15. How to Cut Glass Bottles with a String and Fire

Many of the DIYs here in this list require the cutting of beer bottles. But what if you don’t have a glass cutter? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a tutorial video on how to cut a glass bottle using a string and a fire. And, for the water, the chillier it is, the better!

16. Beer bottle art Father’s Day gift

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily9

Probably not a good idea to give a child a beer bottle. But if they’re making something creative out of it and the bottle’s empty, obviously, why not?

This DIY is a fun and easy-to-do project for kids, and you can even recycle the bottles one more time after they’re done with their art. Super cool, isn’t it?

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17. Easy DIY Budweiser Bird Feeder

Do you love feeding birds? Or, are they frequently peeping through your windows in the mornings? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we’ve got a perfect beer bottle DIY for you.

Make a beer bottle bird feeder! The DIY process is relatively easy, and you can probably complete it within an hour, given you have a proper set of tools, supplies, and skills.

18. Make your own Beer Bottle Chandelier **DIY Project

If you’re tired of your old chandelier, replace it with a stunning and vintage-looking beer bottle chandelier. In this Youtuber video, the Youtuber explains the entire process of making the chandelier.

However, there are no step-by-step guidelines. So, if you’re a newbie in such DIYs, it might be a bit hard for you to comprehend the process.


Empty beer bottles don’t belong in the trash can. These bottles deserve to be upcycled such that it can nurture plants, birds, and even provide you light and warmth at times.

All of these 18 beer bottle DIYs are fun and simple. Select the ideas you loved the most, and unleash your inner creativity!


18 Homemade Beer Bottle Ideas You Can DIY Easily10

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