18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily

Are you in charge of hosting the next beer pong game? Well, even if you’re not, a beer pong table is a must-have for all the party people out there once they turn 21.

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 1

However, you don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on a beer pong table as you can easily DIY on your own. Here, we’ve collected some of the best DIY beer pong tables on the internet for your ease. Let’s get started!


1. DIY TikTok Inspired BEER PONG TABLE!

Using an outdoor table, an iridescent sealing spray, a final protective finish, and a set of acrylic paint to paint the table, as well as your mood, you can create a brand-new beer pong table yourself.

The Youtuber mentions that the design she created is inspired by TikTok and takes you along the journey of her DIY process. The table ends up being incredibly stunning; you really have to see it!


2. How to Make a Beer Pong Table

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 2

If you’ve any ‘How’ questions on your mind, wikiHow might know the answer! You can find not one but 3 methods of making a beer pong table on this site.

The first method is to make a simple and cheap beer pong table, the second method will guide you on how to make a foldable wooden table, and the final part provides you with instructions on painting the beer pong table.

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3. DIY BEER PONG TABLE! (Surprising Our Friends!!!)

In this YouTube video, two best friends DIY a beer pong table to surprise their guy friends for Christmas. It is more of a beer pong table painting tutorial, and these two besties have nailed the task!

Sarah Ramos has more such entertaining vlogs, mostly related to makeup, clothing, and styling. So, if you’re into such things, it seems like we’ve located your next favorite Youtuber.


4. How to Build a Beer Pong Table Top

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 3

If you’re new to beer pong but are willing to build a table anyway, this site has your back. With the brief introduction on beer pong and 8 rules listed at the beginning of the DIY, you’ll definitely learn how to play beer pong.

As you go down the blog, you’ll find all the tools and materials listed and the DIY process elaborated intensively. With this in-detail guide, you’ll probably complete this project in one-go!

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5. DIY BEER PONG TIK TOK TABLE | step by step Tiktok inspired table!!!

It seems like beer pong is really trending on TikTok. Here’s another TikTok inspired beer pong table DIY tutorial. The Youtuber Julia Fernandez and her roommate started by sanding the foldable table before priming and painting it.

Moreover, I was impressed by how these girls traced the design onto the table using tissue paper. If you want to know how, head over to the video right away!


6. #DIY: 11 easy steps to make a folding beer pong table!

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 4

If you’re not into cheap store-bought foldable tables and don’t want to invest money in solid wooden tables, this is the DIY tutorial for you. In this tutorial, you’ll find an 11-step guide to make a beer pong table. The best part is that you’ll be making the table from scratch.

So, if you’re into woodworking and looking for a fun project to keep you occupied for a week or two, this beer pong table might be the one!

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7. DIY Foldable Beer Pong Table!

This must be one of the most efficient beer pong table designs. Make a foldable beer pong table that allows you to store all your drinking game accessories inside by following this tutorial. How cool is that?

Moreover, this design is lightweight, and you can absolutely carry this just about anywhere! The Youtuber mentions all the measurements in the video itself, so keep your ears sharp!


8. Floating Beer Pong Table | DIY Pool Pong Tutorial

Why play at an indoor beer pong table when you can spice up the party with a floating beer pong table? So, if you’re hosting a pool party soon, quickly head over to this YouTube tutorial and DIY a floating beer pong table for yourself.

What’s more, you can use this table as a floating drinks table for your pool as well. If you’re interested, all the supplies are listed in the description box as well as at the starting of the video.


9. Mini Beer Pong

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 5

Creativity is limitless, isn’t it? Here’s a DIY tutorial for a mini version of beer pong. All the tools and materials are listed at the beginning, and the procedure is made clear using photos from the actual DIY process.

Speaking of photos, you can print out your own images and place them in the cup for another dimension to your beer pong game. For example, you could put a graphic of the person’s punishment inside the cup. If the opposing team gets their ball in the cup, your team has to do that punishment. Image enhancement with AI tools can make sure that what’s placed on the paper is legible for all players (important once everyone gets drunk).

So, if you want to try something new, this might be the best DIY project for you to try this weekend!

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10. DIY Painted Beer Pong Table

Here’s another Youtuber who got inspired by TikTok to DIY a beer pong table. She had to paint the table twice since the paint peeled-off at her first attempt as the result of not sanding the table enough. Well, here’s a lesson for you – sand the table enough!

This Youtuber also started with a store-bought foldable table. So, if you’re looking for a tutorial that guides you to make the table itself, this is not an appropriate video for you.


11. Interactive LED Beer Pong Table 2.0 (BPT X5)

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 6

This LED beer pong table DIY is really intensive. So, if you’re into software, circuits, and electronics, this project might be a hard pass for you. This DIY project has won many contests as well, including the FCL contest, a contest held on the site Instructables itself.

All the downloadable files, links to kits, and required software are mentioned in the tutorial. If you’re confident enough to start on this project, all the guidelines are detailed, and you’re likely to be able to follow along.

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12. DIY Custom Beer Pong Table

The Youtuber Joey Lopez, along with his friends, create their own custom beer pong table. He suggests his viewers not to use oil-based paints as they take too long to dry.

You can DIY your beer pong table exactly the same or take inspiration and customize it using designs that best reflect you and your circle. Remember that the Youtuber uses a store-bought foldable table as his beer pong table.



18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 7

Who here love epoxy DIYs? Well, we do! Here’s a DIY to make a beer pong table using plywoods, bottle caps, and epoxy. The table looked fantastic at the end. You must check it out!

All the materials that you’ll need and the 19 steps detailed steps for this DIY project are written in this tutorial. So, if you want to DIY a unique beer pong table, go for this idea!

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14. DIY BEER PONG TABLE! \\ (Father’s Day Edition)

If you’re looking for ideas to surprise your father this coming father’s day, here’s an excellent project for you.

Since the Youtuber Lauren Ashley Beck’s father was a beer pong champ, she decided to DIY a beer pong table for him. You can even print the designs and indent them into the table if you’re not a drawing-person.


15. Beer Pong Table

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 8

This beer pong table is insanely cool. The hint of LEDs on the table makes it more fun and exciting.

If you don’t have any knowledge of circuits and electronics, you might need to ask someone else familiar with these fields for help. However, even if you have a little bit of knowledge and experience, you might pull it off as the electronics work is not too intense in this project.

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16. DIY Beer Pong Table with Bottlecaps, RESIN, reclaimed wood COMPLETELY from scratch!

Are you skimming through this post to find tutorials where you can learn to make a beer pong table from scratch? If yes, this tutorial might be your one-stop solution.

If you have lots of bottle caps, you can use them in this project. If not, you can simply tweak the design and use something else instead.


17. How to Make a Beer Pong Table

If you’re into woodworking and have appropriate tools, why not make the entire table yourself? This tutorial shows you how to!

All the supplies are mentioned in the video, and the procedure is pretty straightforward. Once you’re done with the table, design and paint it the way you want!


18. DIY Beer Pong Table with LED – using Epoxy Resin on Wood

This DIY beer pong table is simple, classy, and fancy at the same time! Once you look at the final product, you’ll want the same table for yourself too.

The shiny epoxy coat, done to make the table waterproof, and the LEDs look stunning. If you want to DIY something different from the usual beer pong tables, we’d highly recommend this design!


Beer pong is a must-have at every good party. Amongst all these 18 DIY beer pong ideas, choose the style and design that suits your taste, and start the work right away. The next time when you host a party, make it an epic one!

Besides, the game is a common activity in the party, can be very good to render the atmosphere of the event, but also let the party people have a sense of participation, so that the event becomes very active, so that everyone enjoys and immersed in the party. As a party game, you want people to actively participate and maximize the spirit of the game, party organizers can prepare some beautiful party gifts. Beer pong is a popular party activity, to make the party unique, in addition to the personalized beer pong table, you can also customize some unexpected party gifts – custom theme challenge coins, you must have seen challenge coins, but the combination of custom coins and bottle opener is very surprising. Imagine a party where the challenge coin that everyone knows is used for merit awards can be used to open a bottle of wine, a gesture that is sure to attract the attention of everyone at the party! Whether it’s a commemorative challenge coin or a practical bottle opener, it’s the most unique and perfect party surprise.

18 Homemade Beer Pong Table Plans You Can DIY Easily 9

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