4 Easy Steps to Make Beer Stale

As counterintuitive as it may seem, stale beer has its own perks. If you find yourself with too many opened cans of booze, you can actually put the leftovers to good use around your house. So, instead of pouring out those suds, why not learn how to make beer stale for later DIY uses.

What you will need:

  • A bowl
  • Balloon whisk
  • Can of beer

4 Easy Steps to Make Beer Stale1

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Beer Stale

Beer does not expire or go bad in the way that milk, for example, would. Even beer that has been left open will not expire but it will lose its flavor and aroma, leaving you with what tastes like a flat beverage. This is what is meant by beer going stale.

Here are some tips to make beer stale:

Step 1. Expose to oxygen

Exposure to oxygen will quickly change the profile of beer. When beer is exposed to oxygen, oxidation takes place causing the beer to develop a cardboard-like flavor sometimes with underlying notes of sherry, toffee, or bready flavors. Oxidation will also cause beer to lose its hoppiness and mouthfeel, resulting in what would be described as a flat beer.

Step 2. Leave it out at room temperature

4 Easy Steps to Make Beer Stale2

There is a reason no one likes warm beer—that’s because even the richest most flavorful of them will taste flat unless chilled. One way to make your beer lose its freshness is to leave it out, opened at room temperature. The atmospheric warmness will not necessarily cause staleness on its own but it will hasten the process of oxidation, which leads to staleness.

Step 3. Expose to light

4 Easy Steps to Make Beer Stale3

Light is another culprit. Beer doesn’t do well when it is directly exposed to light. Most brewers bottle their beer in dark or colored bottles or aluminum cans to block out light. To make your beer stale, simply store it in a clear jar or glass bottle and leave it in the way of direct light. When alcohol is exposed to light and oxygen it will develop a skunky flavor and aroma.

Step 4. De-carbonate the beer

4 Easy Steps to Make Beer Stale4

If you need de-carbonated beer i.e. stale beer within the shortest time possible, for example, for a recipe, you can take matters into your own hands and de-carbonate the beer yourself. Follow these simple steps to quickly remove carbonation from beer:

  • If the beer is in the refrigerator, take it out and let it sit on the countertop until it warms to room temperature.
  • Pour the beer into a bowl. Choose your bowl size according to the amount of beer you have at hand.
  • Use a balloon whisk to beat up the beer for about 10 minutes. This will get rid of the carbonation in the drink. Allow the beer to sit for another 30-60 minutes for it to go flat.

This process will result in oxidation, causing the beer to lose its crispy, carbonated mouthfeel.

That’s all it takes to make beer stale!

Extended Tips

Next, let’s take a look at some of the clever ways you can use stale beer.

1. Get Rid Of Stains

Beer and stain removal might not seem like a good pair but your favorite booze can come in handy in getting rid of many types of stains.

If you have little ones who are prone to staining the carpet or seats or you have a knack for knocking over your cup of coffee, you should definitely have some stale beer on hand to kick out stubborn stains when they happen.

Follow these steps to get rid of stains using stale beer:

  • First, blotch out the fresh stain using a paper towel. Beer works better as a stain remover on fresh stains.
  • Next, pour 2-3 tablespoons of beer on the stained area. This will lift and remove the stain from the target area.
  • Then, use a clean white cloth to blotch the area one more time to remove the excess beer and avoid creating a new beer stain.
  • If possible, use a vacuum cleaner to dry the area to avoid attracting residue that can worsen the stain.
  • This should remove the stain but feel free to pour some more beer if the stain has not completely disappeared. Be careful not to use too much beer and remember to blotch out the excess beer to avoid worsening the existing stain.

2. Make a Beer Shampoo

The idea of pouring beer on your hair sounds unusual. But, hear us out… the theory is that the hops and malt in beer help to boost cuticles, which can lead to stronger and thicker hair.

The idea here is to use flat or stale beer that does not contain carbon dioxide. When carbon dioxide (CO2) combines with water, the water becomes hard and the shampoo will not lather well enough to thoroughly clean your hair.

Obviously, you do not want to wash your hair with beer every day. Spare this special treatment for a once-per-month cleansing and pampering session.

So, let’s get to the interesting part of how to clean your hair using beer. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Transfer a can of the stale beer to a bowl and let it sit.
  2. Meanwhile, wash your hair using a regular shampoo. Then, instead of reaching out for your usual conditioner, pour the beer in the bowl onto your hair.
  3. Massage your hair and scalp thoroughly for the beer to penetrate the roots of your hair. Leave the beer conditioner in your hair for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair with cold water. It might feel like some beer has been left in your hair but you should not worry about this. The minerals in the malt and hops used to make beer are helpful for both your hair and scalp.

As mentioned earlier, limit the use of beer for conditioning your hair to just once or at most twice a month. Too much beer in your hair can cause dryness, breakage, and dandruff.

3. Repel Mosquitos, Flies, And Bugs The Natural Way

Did you know that critters such as bugs and mosquitos are attracted to beer? Turns out humans are not the only fans of booze! So, instead of pouring that leftover beer down the drain, why not use it as a natural repellant.

To make DIY repellant, pour the stale beer in buckets and place them outside in the open, for example, in your backyard where mosquitos like to hangout. The critters will be attracted to the booze and in turn, leave you alone. Talk about a win-win!

4. Lay A Trap For Snails And Slugs

If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of slugs and snails in your garden, laying a stale beer trap is the way to go. Here is what you need to do:

  • Mix a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap and a can of stale beer in a shallow bowl.
  • Dig a shallow hole in the ground in the garden or area where you want to lay the trap.
  • Place the bowl in the hole so that the rim of the bowl is flush with the ground.
  • Snails and slugs will crawl and drown in the mixture. If you are looking to get rid of slugs in a large area you might have to lay several such traps to get the job done.

5. Green Your Lawn

Are you dealing with a browning lawn? Brown patches take away from your home’s curb appeal but you can restore it using readily available supplies, including stale beer. Follow these simple steps:

  • Combine a few drops of dishwashing liquid, molasses ammonia, liquid lawn food, and a can of beer.
  • Use a hose sprayer to sprinkle the mixture over your lawn. Apply regularly, especially over summer to green your landscape fast.

The dishwashing liquid helps the grass to absorb the nutrients in the lawn food. The ammonia is a source of nitrogen, which helps the roots of the lawn grass to grow. The beer and molasses provide yeast and sugar, which are a source of food for the microbes in the soil and which further help to nourish the grass.

6. Cook Up A Beery Meal

From BBQ sauce to beery chicken, marinade, and even bread, flat beer has many culinary uses. A tinge of malty, sherry or caramel-like flavors can turn an ordinary recipe into a scrumptious meal. Try a couple of recipes that use beer and wow the crowd at your next potluck.

Now that you’ve learned the many ways in which you can use flat beer, let’s get down to the actual process of making beer stale.


Who knew that keeping some skunky beer at hand could be beneficial? From the kitchen to the garden to personal grooming, stale beer has many surprising uses. The good news is that whatever you need your stale booze for, you can whip up the flat beverage in a few minutes and put it to use.

Have you tried using stale beer before? How did that turn out? Let us know in the comments!

4 Easy Steps to Make Beer Stale5

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