7 Best Places to Buy a Keg of Beer Online

Are you a lover of keg beer or asking yourself, “where can I buy a keg of beer?” Well, getting a keg of beer in the USA shouldn’t worry you. Here, we’ll list for you the places you can get a keg of beer online.

Yes, you can make a keg at home. But it won’t be like the one made by companies.

A keg can come from materials like wood, alum, or even plastic. Most of them you’ll see come from a steel material.

So, let’s get straight to it. Here are seven places to buy a keg of beer.

7 Best Places to Buy a Keg of Beer Online1

Where Can I Buy a Keg of Beer?

1. Beer Run

At the Beer Run. You will get kegs of beer in many sizes. It’s an online platform, but still, you can get them at their stores in Belmont and Woollen mills.

This store started operating as a family restaurant in 2007. Later on, the family chose to open a retailing craft beer store.

You can get more beer and Kegs of beer in this place. Remember, the Beer Run only retails the barrels.

At Beer Run, you’ll also get many brands of kegs. All come with different names and sizes. Also, other firms make these kegs.

Below is a list of the sizes of Kegs you can get at the Beer Run:

  • A half-barrel holds 15.5 gallons of beer.
  • The 50-liter barrel holds 13.2 gallons of beer.
  • A 30-liter keg holds 7.75 gallons of beer.
  • A 20-liter keg holds 5.16 gallons of beer.

The prices will depend on the distributors of the kegs. Take, for example, a half barrel of Abita Amber Ale won’t be the same price as a half-barrel Ommegang Abbey Ale.

Both online or at the store, the Beer Run takes orders from 8 am to 5 pm. Also, it’s only from Monday to Friday.

Also, sometimes the Beer Run can give offers on the Kegs.


2. American Keg

You can buy your keg or kegs from the main company. The American Keg is the leading firm of steel kegs in the USA.

The American Keg is found in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA. It began operating in early 2015 under the name Geemacher. This firm only makes half and sixth-beer kegs.

They pride themselves on making stainless steel kegs of beer. Also, you’ll get a warm customer care service if you buy a barrel from this firm.

So, you can choose to buy from the firm’s stores or order online. Either way, if the size that you want is in stock, you’ll buy it. Remember, you can order as many barrels as you wish. There’s no limit.

Also, this firm allows you to mix and match your kegs before buying. Be creative as you select.

The costs will vary with the capacity, height, and type you choose. Also, all of them come with a five-year guaranty against any issues from the firm.


3. The Beer Junction

This firm also makes kegs of beer. It’s pretty different from other companies.

You’ll have to order for the keg but pick it from their stores in West Seattle. But if you live close to the firm, you can order, and they will ship to you.

So, if you are buying your keg online from The Beer Junction, the site is easy to use. You will get a list of the available sizes of barrels.

Remember, the list is in real-time. It means that everything you’ll get on the list will be available for sale.

Expect to get kegs of different holding capacities and heights on this list. Below are the sizes:

  • Half a barrel
  • A quarter-liter slim barrel
  • A quarter-liter wide barrel
  • A sixth a barrel.

Varying with the sizes, the cheapest keg of beer is at $99. These prices vary with the distributor.

If you buy it online and would like to reserve the kegs in stock, there is a number on the website. Also, you can e-mail them. You’ll pay using your credit card.


4. Belmont Station

This place best suits those who wish to buy kegs online rather than visiting the stores. So, Belmont station has been in Portland since 1997.

Besides selling Keg, Belmont Station also sells lots of beers and wine. People know it for the provision of quality help to customers. Also, it has many awards to prove that they give friendly services.

As you buy your keg at this place, be sure to get warm customer service.

Remember, Belmont doesn’t make the kegs. They get the items from distributors across the USA. So, expect them to give you many types of barrels of beer.

The sizes and heights of barrels range from a half bbl. to a sixth bbl. Also, some kegs can hold 50 and 30 liters of beer.

What about the prices? The cheapest keg goes for $85. It’s the 30-liter keg of beer. Also, since these barrels come from different distributors, expect various guaranties.

This firm warns customers that these prices on the website can change anytime. Remember, if you are near this place in Portsmouth, visit them and buy your keg.

Belmont firm ships the kegs in many states. You have to call the number of their site to order your barrel.


5. Amazon

You can’t fail to get a keg of beer at Amazon. It’s one of the best online selling places. You can trust them to give you quality kegs of beer.

Here you’ll get many types and names of kegs from many distributors. Also, there are many sizes of barrels on Amazon.

Also, unlike the physical stores that sell keg, Amazon will give you barrels made from steel, plastic, and wood. 

The kegs also come in many designs of the body. So, you have the freedom to choose what will suit your taste.

Besides selling the kegs, you’ll get the keg accessories from Amazon.

Expect the costs of these kegs to be cheap. But remember that these prices keep varying with the distributors. When it comes to the guarantees, it will change with the distributor.

The sizes of keg available at Amazon are from a half bbl to even the sixth bbl. Also, some of them are sold by the liters of beer they can hold.

With Amazon, you can order anywhere, and they will ship the keg to your doorstep. The website is easy to use. So, if the barrel you want isn’t in your location, you’ll see it on the site.

There are no stores; everything is online. So, log on to the site and order your favorite keg.


6. Thielmann

Similar to the American Keg, Thielmann makes and sells kegs of beer. But they only make steel kegs.

Thielmann is in Houston, Texas, USA. People know the making quality steel containers.

It’s an old firm that makes quality products. Also, people love this firm because of the good services.

You’ll get many types of kegs of beer. Below are some of the designs that you can buy from this place:

  • Euro keg
  • Din keg
  • Slim keg
  • US keg
  • Starter keg
  • Rubber steel rubber keg

These kegs of beer are in many sizes. They range from a half to a sixth bbl. Also, the barrels are in a measure of the liters of beer it can hold.

The website gives you an easy time. Before buying, you’ll see all the benefits of each keg you choose. You’ll see where to use the barrel, whether it’s for keeping beer or any other drink.

After you order, they’ll ship it to you. Remember, you can visit the stores to buy the keg.

Also, on the site, you can download the leaflet of the barrel. It means you can tell a friend about the product offline. The flyer will show you the guaranty info.


7. KingKeg

KingKeg, a family-owned firm, also sells kegs of beer. Their major activity is to give you a good service in alcohol and beverage sales.

So, if you are looking for a keg to use in a family event or party, KingKeg will deliver it to you.

Here, you’ll get many designs of kegs. They all come from different distributors since KingKeg doesn’t make them. Below are some of the distributors:

  • Ballast
  • Fine feather’s
  • Samuel Adams
  • Golden Road

At the site, you can sort the items to see which the cheapest keg is. Each product comes with benefits to help you make the correct choice. Also, there are customer reviews. There are no details about the guaranty of each item.



Buying a keg should be easy for you. These seven sites will give you quality items to keep your beer or beverage. Also, you’ll get good customer care service.

Some of them will ship the products to your home. But other places will need you to go to their stores and pick your keg.

Remember, there are many distributors and makers of a keg. So, besides these sites, you can get others that can suit your needs. But these places will give you the best barrels.

Do you have any concerns about where you can buy a keg of beer? Is there any other trusted place you know? Please feel free to share with us.

7 Best Places to Buy a Keg of Beer Online2

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