14 Best Places to Buy Beer Online

Want to enjoy a cold beer without ever having to leave your house? That dream is now a reality!

Lots of online stores will send your chosen beer direct to you. But how do you separate the good from the not-so-good?

That’s where we come in! We’re going to highlight our top 14 places to buy beer online. Whether you’re looking for a major brand or an artisan craft beer, there’s an option here to suit you.

So step this way and find your next online purchase!

14 Best Places to Buy Beer Online1

The Best Places to Buy Beer Online

1. Drizly

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online2

Drizly has partnerships with stockists all over the USA. Their service offers beers, wines, liquors and even extras like party supplies. And, depending on where you live, they can be delivered straight to you within an hour.

When it comes to beer, there’s plenty of choice. Shop for lager, IPA, Belgian ales and even beer by the keg. Each option has multiple filters to help you search. Whether you’re looking for a particular brand, country of origin, or strength, you can find it quickly.

Some of the beers are categorised as staff picks – great if you’re looking to try something new. And you can choose from individual bottles or cans, or multipacks in various sizes.

Note that there are some exceptions to the one-hour delivery promise. Put your address in at the beginning of your search to find out what’s available. If Drizly don’t yet cover your area, your beer can still be shipped to you. But it will take between two and five working days to arrive.

2. CraftShack

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online3

CraftShack prides itself on offering an unrivalled range of beers, as well as liquors, seltzers and cider. And new customers can benefit from tempting discounts on their order.

Their team work with craft brewers from all over the USA to bring you everything from barrel-aged beers, to IPAs, to Porters. There’s even a gluten-reduced selection. And if you’d like a range of different options, there’s are variety packs too.

You can filter by style, vendor, size and price, so it’s easy to find what you want.

Shipping is a flat rate, with two size options. Get six bottles or twelve cans with the small pack, or twelve bottles or 24 cans with the large. In either case, you can mix and match the beer of your choice.

They can’t deliver to all states, though. If you live in Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Minnesota or Utah, you’re currently out of luck.

3. Saucey

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online4

Saucey is another online platform that delivers via a network of local suppliers. Start by inputting your zip code on the home page to see pricing and delivery options for your area. Some locations benefit from no delivery fee and no minimum order.

You can buy your beer by the can or bottle, or there are a number of multipack options. Filter your results by brand, price or category to see what takes your fancy.

The site also offers wines, spirits, tobacco, mixers, snacks and even gifts. What’s available will, however, depend on your location.

If you’re within range, you may be able to receive your order within just 30 minutes. If not, there’s a maximum shipping time of 2 business days. But note that not all addresses are served, so do make sure your type in your zip code at the start.

4. Half Time Beverage

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online5

Lovers of craft beer should check out Half Time Beverage. The site offers an amazing range of domestic and imported beers, including gluten-free options. You can also buy mead, cider, hard seltzer and malt. Each week the website showcases an individual brewery and cider.

As well as choosing your own products as and when you want them, you can sign up to a beer club. Choose from German, East Coast, variety, or around-the-world monthly subscriptions.

You’ll get one delivery of twelve beers a month, complete with information on the breweries and tasting notes. It’s a great way for adventurous connoisseurs to discover new beers. Sign up for three, six or twelve months, as you prefer.

The company ships to 29 states. Just enter your zip code on the product page to check whether your address is covered.

Customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut benefit from a flat rate shipping fee of $15.99 for 24 bottles or cans. In other locations, the fee is $24.99. Transit times vary from one to nine days, depending on where you live.

5. Minibar

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online6

Minibar offers beers, liquors, wines – even ice cream and iced tea. Pretty much anything, in fact, you’d find in a hotel minibar! When it comes to beer, you can choose from domestic or imported ales, IPAs, porter and stout.

It’s also a great site if you’re party planning. You can book your very own professional bartender for three, four or five hours.

All the fees are built into the prices of the products. While they’re a little more than you may pay elsewhere, there’s no delivery charge. Minimum orders apply to some products though.

The company doesn’t cover the whole of the US. To access the product list, you’ll need to input your address first. That ensures you see the right prices and delivery details for your location. Depending on where you live, you can receive your order in as little as 30 minutes.

6. Tavour

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online7

Tavour offers an individual take on the idea of monthly beer subscriptions. The emphasis is on craft beers that you may not be able to find in your local area. They come from 47 states and over 650 breweries, so you’ll never be short of choice.

Although there’s a website, this is designed to work via an app on your smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to access a menu of select craft beers from around the US.

Choose those you want with delivery for a flat fee, or subscribe to a monthly delivery. If you do the latter, there’s no delivery fee. The team will match the monthly selection to your preferences.

7. Craft City

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online8

Craft City offers a choice of more than 2,000 craft ales, together with spirits, wines and craft sodas.

You can filter by price, style, size and availability, as well as shopping by brewery. And new specials are highlighted every day, offering inspiration if you feel like trying something different.

As long as your order is in stock, it will be processed and delivered within two working days. You’ll need to be on hand to show ID as proof of age when your order is delivered. Make sure you’re there – if parcels are returned to sender, you’ll be responsible for all shipping fees.

8. FreshDirect

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online9

Another approach to buying beer online is to buy it from a grocery store. FreshDirect have both a nationwide presence and a wide range of beers available to order online. Craft, domestic and imported brands are on offer, with a range of regularly changing discounts.

A number of beers can be bought by the case, offering good deals if you have a favorite beverage. And you can filter your search by anything from price and popularity, to nutritional information like calories and fat content.

Availability can be hit and miss, but with such a lot of choice you should be able to find alternatives. The delivery fee is a flat $5.99 – and you can do your weekly shop at the same time.

9. The Miocrobrewed Beer of the Month Club

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online10

If you’re passionate about artisan beers, the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club could be for you. For 25 years, club members have been enjoying carefully selected craft beers in return for a regular subscription.

There are a range of packages on offer to suit all tastes. Whether you love domestic or imported, or want to try a bit of both, there are options to fit. You can even select the “Hoppy-Heads” package if you like beers with strong hoppy flavors.

And if you want to experience hard-to-find beers, the Rare Beers Club offers exclusive access to limited release beverages from the US and abroad.

Subscription prices range from $29.95 to $38.95 per month, depending on your chosen option. Shipping and handling costs $14 to $15 extra.

Each shipment contains twelve 12-ounce bottles, with the exception of the Rare Beers package. With that one, you choose between one and three 750-ml bottles of each of the month’s two featured beers.

10. The Belgian Beer Shop

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online11

Lovers of Belgian beer should check out the fabulous Belgian Beer Shop. It ships internationally, and accepts orders in US Dollars, amongst other currencies.

White beers, IPAs, pilsners, farmhouse ales, strong dark and pale ales – all are represented here. There’s also a selection of cellar-aged and premium ales for the true beer connoisseur.

You can browse by style and buy individually, or opt for a selection box. The latter are available in seven, fifteen or 29-bottle options.

If you want a regular taste of Belgium, you can choose a monthly beer subscription. These are available for anything from a month to a year. Choose between packages with three different 750-ml or seven different 330-ml bottles each month.

11. Craft Beer Kings

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online12

Whether you want to buy your beer on demand, send a gift box to a friend, or sign up for monthly deliveries, Craft Beer Kings has you covered.

Their range of beers is genuinely impressive. Here you’ll find domestic and imported beers in pretty much every style you can think of. From milkshake IPAs to barleywines, amber ales to Tripels, pilsners to porters, you’ll find it here.

In addition to beer, they stock seltzers, wines, ciders, meads and even hemp beverages. This is a brilliant one-stop-shop for all your beverage needs.

Orders are processed in between 7 and 14 business days. That’s longer than most – but the good news is that they deliver to pretty much the whole of the continental US.

12. The Beer Connect

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online13

The Beer Connect is less an online retailer than a dating agency that brings together breweries and beer lovers!

Browse the website to choose your craft beer, add it to your shopping basket, then head to the checkout. The Beer Connect will then take your contact details and pass on your order to the relevant brewery.

It’s the brewery who will fulfil your order. Your beer will come directly from them to your doorstep, guaranteeing freshness.

The website is designed at least as much for breweries as it is for the end customer – but don’t let that put you off! This is a great way to access a delicious range of beers direct from the brewer.

13. Craft Beer Box

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online14

The Craft Beer Box specialises in offering different styles of craft beer by the box.

There’s no need for a subscription here – you can choose as few or as many boxes as you like. Each one contains four bottles or cans of three different kinds of beer, giving you twelve beers in total. Note that if you order multiple boxes, they’ll all contain the same beers.

You simply select your chosen style – from less hoppy (for example, lagers and pilsners) to hoppier (IPAs, double IPAs, imperial IPAs). If you’d like a bit of everything, you can choose a mix.

The more you buy, the more cost-effective it is. A single box for one month costs $69.95, while six months’ of single boxes costs $377.73. In all cases, shipping is included in the price.

14. Best Damn Beer Shop

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online15

The Best Damn Beer Shop brings the San Diego store to online customers in 28 states across the US. Check that they deliver to your address before filling up your cart!

They stock a wide range of craft beers, from stouts to IPAs, Belgian to West Coast. Beers are delivered in multiples of six cans or bottles, and there’s a minimum order of $40. You can, though, mix as many different kinds of beer in that order as you like.

Most orders will ship in between three and seven days. But to be on the safe side, it’s recommended to leave up to ten business days for your order to arrive.

Time to order your beer!

We hope our list of the top 14 places to buy beer online has helped you in your search! Whatever your preferences, there’s a huge range of options to choose from. Just check the supplier delivers to your address before you fill up your shopping cart.

Enjoy browsing those beers – and enjoy savouring your next delivery. Cheers!

14 Best Places To Buy Beer Online16

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