8 Best Places to Buy Green Beer Online

As you wait for the next St. Patrick’s Day, do you know where you can get a quality green beer? Well, there are many places, both online and in stores, that sell green beer.

Yes, some people prefer making green beers at home using food colors. But here we’ll tell you where to buy green beer.

You’ll get many flavors of green beer, especially during St. Patrick’s Day. So, why green beer on this day? It’s because people drank beer that was not in good form (greenish) back then on this day.

If you are ready, then let’s get straight to the meat. Here are the places that can sell you a green beer.

8 Best Places to Buy Green Beer Online1

8 Best Places to Buy Green Beer

Getting the place to drink green beer or buy online shouldn’t be hard for you. You have to know what type of green beer you want. So, relax as we look at the eight places to buy your green beer today.

1. Uptown Beverage

This online platform sells many types of beer besides green beer. It’s found in Schenectady, New York, USA.

You can either buy beer from their store or online. Remember, the place closes the doors at 7 pm.

If you buy the green beer online and live 20 miles away, you’ll get your beer the same day. But if you are far away, you’ll get your green beer the next day.

Uptown sells many types of green beer. Like the Smirnoff Green Beer (which comes in many flavors), Ironbound, three sons, Captain Lawrence, Green city, and Sloop brewing green islands.

The prices will depend on the distributor and the number of bottles you buy. Also, the site allows you to buy a single can of beer. But most are available in 4, 6, and 12 packs.

It’s easy to use the website. Each green beer has reviews from customers. So, it will help you make the correct choice of beer before buying. Also, the site has a chatbot for ready customer care.


2. Sunset Beer

Sunset beer will also give you quality green beers. Here you’ll get many types and flavors of green beer from many brewers. They come in cans or beer bottle packs.

So, because of the COVID-19 laws, Sunset beer doesn’t sell or deliver green beer online. You have to visit the stores to grab your favorite type of green beer.

This place is in Los Angeles, USA. You’ll get the exact address on their site.

The retailing hours at Sunset beer are unique. Here is the schedule:

  • Sundays- from 12 noon to 10 pm
  • Mondays- from 3 pm to 10 pm
  • Tuesdays to Thursdays- noon to 11 pm
  • Friday and Saturday- noon to Midnight.

But what if you choose to take your green beer from the bar? Here are the opening hours:

  • Sundays from 1 pm to 10 pm
  • Monday from 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Tuesday to Thursday- 1 pm to 11 pm
  • Friday and Saturday- 1 pm to Midnight


3. Spec’s Online

On this site, you’ll get many types of beer, liquor, and wine. If you are looking for a green beer, you will get many kinds from this place.

Spec’s Online works with many brewers. The cheapest green beer on this website goes for $2.26. These prices will vary with the distributors. Remember, they can change at any moment.

Also, the size and type of bottle will affect the cost of the green beer. You can buy a green beer as one can, 4, 6, or 12-pack of green beers.

Each green beer on this site has reviews from previous buyers. It’s through the feedbacks that you can judge if you want the green beer or not.

Specs will deliver your green beer to you the same day if you live only 15 miles away from the store. But if not, you can enter a zip code to choose their store that is near you.

If you are expected to pick up your beer, the stores work from 10 am to 9 pm every day. Also, Spec’s Online has good customer service.


4. Duffy’s Sports Grill

If you want to enjoy your green beer on St. Pat’s Day or any other time, then visit Duffy’s sports grill. It’s a club with many locations from Miami to West Palm Beach.

Well, it’s the best name among other local pubs in the region. Here, with $4, you can have your green Guinness bear.

Also, they have their favorite collection of green beer called Lucky Duffy. It comes with a blend of Jameson, bitters, lemonade, and ginger beer. You’ll only part with $5 to get this green beer.

But you can also have this mix for free. So, it will happen if your name is Duffy or you have a tattoo of a Duffy theme.

You can also order your green beer online. Once you click on the website, it will ask you to fill in your address.

One can choose to either be delivered personally or with a curbside pick-up. Remember, the site is easy to use.


5. The Brass Tap Fort

Are you looking for a place to playing games as you enjoy your green beer? The Brass Tap Fort is the place to spend your time and money.

Ever since 2007, people have known this place as the best beer bar. Many come here to spend time during St. Pat’s Day. It sells many types of green beers and teas.

Also, Brass Tap Fort is a place to get many adventures. As you enjoy your green beer, you can play many games and tournaments. There are games like beer pong and live music.

But if you don’t want to go and the pub, you can order your green beers online. So, you’ll need to check if there is a local Brass Tap Fort near your location.

After that, you’ll see many options for green beer. Choose your favorite and complete your order. Remember, as a customer, you’ll get a good reception.


6. McSorley’s Beach Pub

Do you want a cheap place to drink your green beer? Whether it’s on holiday or not, at McSorley’s pub, you can get green beers at a low price.

Also, there are many specials offers on beers. So, you might be tempted to buy so many drinks besides the green beers.

This pub is also found in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. As you enjoy your green beer, you’ll be having a lovely view of the beach.

At this place, there is a lounge to enjoy DJ music. Also, there are great foods.

But if you are far away, you can’t order your green beer online from this place. The only order you can place is for them to make you a cocktail of green beer before you arrive.


7. The 1000 Corks

Are you looking for a place to buy many types of green beer online? Then the 1000 Corks is the best place for you. It will connect you to many brewers and bars near you.

This site will give you options to select the green beer that is available in your location. So, if you are looking for a flavor of green beer and it’s not in your area, you might want to change your location. Also, the site is easy to use.

The 1000 Corks has contacts of many bars and brewers. So, be sure to get many types of green beers.

Also, expect the prices to be different. Some will be costly, while others will be cheap, but with the same flavor.

Every green beer comes with details about the benefits. But there is no section of the customer feedback.

After choosing the beer available in your locality, the site gives you directions to the store or pub. Also, you’ll get contacts for the bar. It will be easy to order your green beer.


8. Drizly

Drizly is the best if you want to get your beer on time. So, if you have a party at home or just alone time, order your green beer from Drizly.

They sell many types of beer from different brewers. You can see this on their app.

After you place your order, Drizly will ship the green beer to their bar, pub, or store near your location. So, expect them to deliver drinks to your doorstep.

You can green beers like Heineken, Green’s Dubel, Green’s Amber Ale, among others. Before buying each beer, you can check if it’s available in your area.

Also, you can buy a single bottle of green beer in a 2, 6, or 12 pack. It will depend on your location.



Green beers are available in many places across the country. People love it, especially during the St. Pats Day holiday. But for some, it’s one of their best beer options.

These eight places will give you the best services as you buy your green beer. It won’t matter if you are visiting the pub or buying online. Know that you’ll enjoy the services and beer quality.

Remember, it shouldn’t limit you. There are still other places that can give you a nice green beer.

So, have you thought of going out to buy your green beer? Do you have any other places in mind? Then, please share with us.

8 Best Places to Buy Green Beer Online2

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