About Beer Gifts

In heaven there is no beer

That’s why we drink beer here

You may have heard this refrain down at your local pub. And you may have tittered because yes, the Good Lord was known for turning water into wine … but he didn’t say anything about tipple. Still, everyone knows beer drinkers are way cooler than wine tasters. We don’t take ourselves as seriously as they do … and that’s part of what makes beer overs so much fun!

Hold My Beer …

Of course, there are many different kinds of beer. Including beer wine. After all, unlike some liquor lovers, we don’t discriminate. In our book – and on our site – we accept drinkers of all shapes and sizes. And we dig into all things beer, from root to hops and everything between.

But what exactly is beer (and does Near-Beer count?) Well, after water and tea, beer is the world’s most consumed liquid. And while many first-timers describe beer as bitter and sharp, it’s a sugar-based drink. It’s the fermented sugar and starch that give beer its flavor.

Beer is brewed from cereals like wheat, barley, rice, and corn. These grains are sometimes malted to generate certain types of beers – and there’s quite a variety available. Beer contains ethanol, just like hard liquor. But it’s usually lower in its alcohol percentage. So you probably need more of it to get really drunk. On the other hand, it has way more carbs than spirits do.

Facts and Fitness

An ounce of beer has roughly 13 calories. That’s 154 calories per can. Hence the infamous beer belly. But with dad bods becoming a thing, that beer gut may work in your favor. Besides, these days, the ladies dig their beer as well! Why do you think there are suddenly so many flowery flavors? It’s not just for the liberal crowd – the girls are getting their brew on. Cheers!

Still, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about beer. That’s what we’re here for! First off, did you know there are at least nine types of beer? And this is based on brewing styles:

  • Pale Ale
  • Indian Pale Ale
  • Stout
  • Porter
  • Pilsner
  • Belgian Beer
  • Lager
  • Sour Beer
  • Wheat Beer

These beers have different ingredients, serving preferences, and pairings. Yes, beer can be paired just like wine is. But because beer drinkers aren’t as self-conscious and wine lovers, you may be unaware of how much more you can get out of your drink. Did you know you could use beer to stew beef or marinate meat? You can even put beer in pastries – and not just for yeast!

That’s just one of the things we explore here on our platform. We share all kinds of beer tips and tricks, from cooking with beer to brewing in your bathtub. We tell you where to buy the best beer kits … and in which countries or pubs you’ll find the best brew. We dig into such eccentricities as beer runs and other forms of digestive athletics. Beer-carrying races (kastenlauf) feature as well.

Turn On The Tap

Apart from exploring top bars and pubs around the world, we pop into taprooms and learn their brewing secrets so we can share them with you. So whether you want to break a brewing record or develop your beer palate beyond the standard liquor store fare, we can help.

We cover everything related to beer and we’ll teach how to drink it safely and savor it knowledgeably. On this premium beer platform, we help you answer questions like:

  • What’s the drinking age in various countries?
  • How can you DIY beer at home?
  • What regular kitchen items can make good beer?
  • How do I get started making craft beer?
  • Where are the world’s best beer festivals?
  • What’s the real difference between beer and other boozy drinks?
  • How do I choose the right beer for me?
  • Besides getting drunk, what else can I do with beer?

If you’ve found your way to us, you probably share our love of beer already. Or maybe you’re just curious about some specific area of zymurgy (that’s the study of fermentation, sometimes called zymology but never beerology). Whatever brought you here, we’re happy to have you, s feel free to share a beer with us. As they say, no good story ever started with, ‘So I grabbed a cup of tea …’

Lite Flight

So many consumers are getting health-conscious. And if you’ve watched any beer race, you know some of those guzzlers are not about the gut. If anything, the best beer runners are rather fit! So if you’re interested in your brew but you don’t want to raise your BMI, we can steep in a world full of healthy, low-cal beer. That way, you get the buzz without the beer belly.

And just in case your brewing tastes are a little more … grassy … we have a lot of information on hazy booze. As a regular member of this community, you’ll figure out your favorite flavor. You’ll also gain some nuggets of knowledge that will make you the star or any fermily gathering, pun intended. So instead of trying to look cool with sangria and chardonnay, get on the beer train.

We aim to keep you happily buzzed and bountifully brewing. Whether you’re looking for tips to win that artisanal brewing contest or trying to start a craft beer business in your back yard, we have the solutions for you. From brewing equipment to beer tours to barrel recycling tips, we have it all. And we’ll gladly share our tips, tricks, recipes, and rituals over a cold one.

Bring on the Beer!

You might know wine comes in red, white, and sparkling. And you may already be familiar with wine beer or sparkling beer – though traditional beer lovers consider both as sacrilege. But did you know beer isn’t always yellow (e.g. pilsner)? Some kinds of beer have a thick chocolaty color (e.g. stout) and texture, while others have a golden honey-colored hue (e.g. lager).

So if you want to talk about beer the way some talk about wine or whisky, you’ve come to the right place. But we’re not just here for the classy and crafty. We serve all kinds here, no shirts required. So even if you’re simply wondering what beer to get dad this Fathers’ Day, we’re here for you. So grab a can and join us! Cheers!!