9 Best Places to Buy Beer Bong Online

Do you love doing beer bong? Are you looking for a place to buy beer bong? Well, here we’ll talk about where to buy beer bong online.

Many people see beer bong (beer funneling) like magic. It can turn your moods from a zero level to a buzz in a short time. Remember, you have to do it the right way.

Also, you have to use the correct funnel and drink to enjoy the moment. Yes, getting the best drink can be easy, but sometimes not the beer bong.

If you are ready, let’s cut straight to the chase. Here are the nine sites that sell beer bongs online.

9 Best Places to Buy Beer Bong Online1

Where to Buy Beer Bong Online

1. Amazon

Many people see Amazon as the biggest online shopping store. Well, be sure to get many types of beer bong here.

So, if you are looking for beer bongs of various colors, make, or names, you’ll get them on Amazon. Remember, the site is easy to use.

Below are the types of beer bong you can buy from this site:

  • 3-foot Beer Bong (comes with valve seven funnel colors).
  • 3-foot Beer Bong (comes with a valve and keychain).
  • 2-foot Beer Bong (comes with valve seven funnel colors)
  • Two feet Beer Bong (has no valve seven funnel colors).
  • 6-foot Beer Bong.
  • 10-foot Beer Bong.
  • A 20-foot Beer Bong (has a valve).
  • A Double Beer Bong.
  • A 4-piece Beer Bong with a valve.
  • Beer bongs with stickers.

The costs of these collections vary with the size, color, and type you buy. The prices range from $17 to $49.

Also, this site gives you many details of each type of beer bong. You’ll get the benefits. But you won’t get any cons of the kind you want.

Amazon allows you to compare the type you want with other beer bongs. Note that these beer bongs come from different firms.

There are ratings from customers who bought the item. So, it will be easy for you to make the correct choice of the beer bong you want.


2. Beer Bong

The Beer bong is also a firm that makes funnels and tubes in the USA. These are the leading sellers of this item in the USA.

Remember, the firms also sell the items in Australia, UK, Germany, and other nations.

They make beer bongs from safe plastics. Also, they always aim to make you feel secure as you drink your beer. So, their products have approval from the FDA.

You’ll also get many types of a beer bong. All vary in terms of size, funnel colors, and valves. The costs of the beer bongs range from $7.99 to $49.99.

Here are some of the collections you’ll get on this site:

  • A 2-foot Beer bong with a valve.
  • 3-foot beer bong with valves.
  • Short gun Beer bong – for beer cans.
  • Double beer bong funnel
  • Quad beer bong funnel
  • 6-foot beer bong.
  • 10-foot Beer bong with valves.
  • 20-foot beer bong.

Also, these beer bongs come with stickers. You’ll see this under the review of the beer bong.

The site is easy to use. You’ll know the available number of the types available. It will give you an easy time as you shop.

There are many payment options. You can pay with PayPal, a Visa card, and many other choices.


3. Ali Express

You can buy your beer bong from Ali Express. It’s also one of the best shopping platforms like Amazon.

These beer bongs on this site come from different makers. So, first, if you have the name of a beer bong-making firm, you can search for it on Ali Express.

Also, this site will help you, especially when you don’t know much about beer bongs. You’ll learn the benefits of a beer bong and how to use it.

The items vary with many things. So, you’ll select the beer bong based on the material used by makers, size of the funnel, length of the pipe, and safety features like being eco-friendly.

Also, the prices range from $7.99 to $49. These costs come because of the different lengths of the beer bongs.


4. Beer Bong USA

Do you want to customize the color of your beer bong before you buy it online? Beer bong USA is the place that gives you this freedom.

It’s the only site that you’ll get many colors. One of the famous ones is the pink flamingo beer bong. The costs of the beer bongs here range from $14.99 to $69.99.

You’ll also get one beer bong that six people can use at ago. Like other sites, you can get beer bongs with tubes 2-foot to 20-foot long. Some have valves, while others don’t.

Also, for each item you choose, you get a preview of its specs and benefits. It will help you make the correct choice before you check out your shopping cart.


5. Spec’s Online

You can get your beer bong at Spec’s online. It’s not a famous place, but you can get quality beer bongs here.

It began operating in 1962 in Houston, USA. Two people, Carrol B. ‘Spec’ and Carolyn Jackson, opened it. They mainly deal with selling liquor and beer products.

By 2002, it had many stores and online places to get its items.

So, as you buy the beer bongs at Spec’s Online, you’ll full details of the item. It’s from here that you’ll whether the product is what you need. You’ll get value for your money.

If the beer bong isn’t available online, the site will direct you to their stores near you. Remember, the costs range from as low as $10.


6. Walmart

And here comes Walmart. Yes, it’s a big platform, and an item like Beer bong can’t miss here. Remember, Walmart has been in the game for a long time.

Like the other sites, Walmart’s Beer bong prices vary in terms of size of the funnel, colors, and length of the tubes. So, expect the cheapest beer bong to cost you $8.31.

Also, the tubes of these beer bongs have different shapes and styles. You’ll have many options to choose the best beer bong.

The length of the tubes ranges from 2 to 20-foot long. There are also beer bongs for short can beers.

Walmart gets these items from different makers of a beer bong. So, if you are looking for a given name for the beer bong collection, you can get it at Walmart.


7. Boozin’ Gear

As the name sounds, the site sells tools to use while taking beer. Here, you’ll many types of beer bongs.

Remember, the prices vary because of different factors. So, the beer bongs will differ in terms of the color and size of the funnel. Also, the length of the tube will matter.

These lengths are from 2-foot to 2-foot long. Expect the prices to range from $10 to over $70.

But how is Boozin’ Gear different from other sites? So, once you buy beer bongs with a total price of more than $50, you’ll get free shipping.

Also, the site has many varieties of a beer bong. It means that the site doesn’t limit your selection.


8. The Big Beertha

Are you a golfer and would love to use a beer bong? Well. The Big Beertha gives you an exciting beer bong.

Besides having fun while playing golf, this site gives you a Beer bong in the shape of a golfing stick.

Since it’s a unique beer bong, a short tutorial shows you how to use it. Also, expect the costs of Big Beertha beer bongs to be expensive. The cheapest starts from $49.95 to as high as $139.95.

Remember, this beer bong is different from what is sold on other sites. If money isn’t a problem for you, why not go for this Big Beertha beer bong?

Yes, golf is a luxurious game. So, the cost of the beer bong for the golfers can’t be cheap.


9. Spencers Online

You can buy your beer bong and funnel from Spencers online. Here, you’ll get many beer bongs of different sizes and colors.

Spencers Online doesn’t make these drinking tools but gets them from different distributors.

With a click on each product, you’ll see the qualities and benefits. Also, the site allows buyers to give reviews and ratings for each beer bong. So, it will be easy for you to choose the best beer bong.

The cheapest beer bong goes for $10. These prices will vary with the makers, tube length, color, and the number of funnels.



As you are drinking your beer every time, think about using a beer bong. Yes, you can make a beer bong at home. But please buy one from an online store.

There are many sites that you can order your beer bong online, and you’ll get it at the comfort of your home. You can go to any of the eight sites. Remember, the prices won’t be the same on every.

So, are you soon going to buy your beer bong online? Do you have any more ideas of where to get beer bong online? Kindly share with us.

9 Best Places to Buy Beer Bong Online2

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