8 Best Places to Buy Craft Beer Online

Have you ever thought that you could buy your traditional beer online? Yes, craft beer is also part of the 21st century, and people sell it online. So, here we’ll list the best online places to buy craft beer online.

Many small breweries have chosen tech apps to avoid the long lines of customers. Also, most beer fans have their favorite sites where they buy beer. People love when they order online, and the makers bring the craft beer to their doorstep.

Also, people go online to look for craft beer that isn’t at the local hangout. It brings more comfort and fun.

So, here are eight places where to buy a craft beer online.

8 Best Places to Buy Craft Beer Online1

Where to Buy Craft Beer Online

1. CraftShack

It’s the best place to buy your craft beer online. This firm is still young but will give you the best craft beer. Their site is simple to use.

If you go through their store, you’ll find different flavors of craft beer. So, below are some of the flavors of craft beer that you’ll get on this site:

  • Pasteur
  • Cyclo
  • Imperial Chocolate
  • Stout
  • Aslin/ Stillwater
  • Hazy

These beers aren’t costly on this site. The cheapest craft beer here costs $4.99. But the prices will vary with the flavors, size, and the makers of the craft beer.

You can get offers from this site.

Also, this firm has a small team that aims at giving buyers the best help. These people even work with small beer shops so that they suit your orders. Remember, there are reviews from buyers to see which item gives people more fun.

As a customer, if you buy craft beer in large numbers, CraftShack will deliver to you at a small cost or for free. Also, to make it easier for you, their CEO, Mr. Yakoo, says that you should try drinking a craft beer at a local joint before ordering it online.

Remember, this firm also has cons. If you order your craft beer, this firm won’t ship it to every state. So, check with them to see if they also deliver to your area.

2. Tavour

You can also buy your craft beer at Tavour. It’s a unique site that sells many kinds of beer.

So, to buy your craft beer, you’ll subscribe to it. You can fill up your order box after some time before Tavour ships it to you.

People call it Netflix for craft beers.

This site will suit you if you have a party with many people. You won’t have to leave the house. Fill up the beer box as a team, then Tavour will do free delivery to you.

Here are some of the types of craft beer that Tavour offer:

  • A 30-pack Miller lite
  • Smirnoff
  • Dead Guy craft beer
  • Lover’s Greed
  • Reefstorm
  • Frontman IPA

Remember, Tavour allows you to explore, think, and learn new tastes of craft beer. These types come from different brewers. So, if you are looking for craft beer from your favorite brewer, you can get it on Tavour.

The costs vary with the flavor, size, and maker.

But Tavour has some issues. You can only order your craft beer after installing their app on your phone. Also, Tavour keeps changing places they can ship their craft beer.

3. Oznr

This place is a one-stop-shop for every beer lover. It’s like an online mall for many brewers to sell their craft beer.

So, you can get your favorite craft beer on this site. Remember, Oznr selects the brewers to sell on their app or website. The prices will vary with what the brewers state.

In the past, people always lined up at breweries to wait for a new craft beer collection. But Oznr cuts you all this trouble.

Brewers will release new craft beers online. Also, Oznr will promote the beer through pre-selling, waitlists, raffles, and more offers.

You can also sign up for craft beer groups and membership clubs. It means that this site aims at giving you nothing but fun.

You’ll also get discounts, new deals, and news from your favorite craft beer makers.

Oznr has some restrictions. Only some cities in the USA can use this app.

4. Drizly

Do you want an online place to bring your craft beer within a short time? Then log on to Drizly.

This site is the best if you have a party and want to keep fun without a break.

So, after buying the craft beer, Drizly will deliver it from the liquor near you. Remember, it sells many other types of beers.

Also, here you’ll get many types of craft beer to suit your taste. Below are some of the flavors that Drizly give you:

  • Voodoo Ranger
  • Lagunitas IPA
  • Yuengling Traditional Lager
  • Sierra
  • Allagash White
  • Samuel Adams
  • Dogfish

The lowest price for a craft beer on Drizly is $3.90. These costs vary with the size and flavor you want to buy.

Each craft beer has its pros. Also, there are reviews from previous buyers. So, you’ll have an easy time making the correct choice before buying any craft beer.

But Drizly also has some issues. They can’t deliver your craft beer to every city in the USA. You should know if they reach your place before you order.

5. Half Time Beverage

People call this site the best digital beer bottle shop. This e-commerce site is from New York.

It has one of the best craft beer names in the USA. You’ll get many types of craft beer to suit your taste. These beers have many flavors.

The site is easy to use. So, after getting your best craft beer, you can order even one beer can.

Half Time isn’t like other sites. On some other places, you’ll have to order a 12-pack or a boor of craft beer before they ship it to you.

Also, delivery is after a short time. It can between 24 to 48 hours. This time will vary with where you live.

After placing your order, the site will tell if the shipping is in your area. So, if your state isn’t on the list, you won’t complete the order.

You can see the different flavors from different brewers. It means you can buy a mix of many flavors from one of the best craft beer makers in the USA.

Remember, Half Time also has offers and discounts on their items. But the problem only comes in shipping. Not every state can receive shipping from Half Time.

6. The Beer Connect

Are you looking for a craft beer fresh from the brewery? Then it would be best if you went to The Beer Connect today.

It looks like the CraftShack site. But The Beer Connect is a bit different.

You have to sign in to the site and then order your best craft beer. After logging in, you’ll know the price of each craft beer. Also, you’ll see many flavors from many brewers.

Also, you can order even one can of craft beer.

Remember, the Beer Connect works with every brewery near you. It eases the aspect of delivery.

But the problem will come depending on where you live. You might want a particular flavor, but it won’t be available from the brewers near you.

7. Best Damn Beer Shop (BDBS)

If you are from the West Coast and loves craft beer, then BDBS should be your stop. This beer shop is made of brick and is found in San Diego.

So, if you are from San Diego and the areas around it, you can order your craft beer and get it the same day.

BDBS has many craft beer flavors from many brewers. It means that the prices will vary. Expect the lowest craft beer to sell at $4.99. The most expensive sells at $149.99.

Remember, these costs vary with the brewer, flavor, and size of the bottle.

BDBS has some cons. You can only order a max of six bottles. So, if you have a party of many people, there is a limit.

Also, BDBS doesn’t deliver craft beer to every state.

8. Craft City

You can also get your beer from Craft City. This site has many flavors of craft beer that come from different brewers. It means you might get the craft beer from your favorite brewer.

Some of the types of craft beer you can get from this site are LBC Big Energy, Rickets Lab, Boochcraft Chili, among others.

Here, the cheapest beer is sold at $5.99. Remember, the costs will vary with the brewer.

Also, Craft City has promotions on craft beers. But they have one setback. Craft City doesn’t deliver beer to every state.


Buying a craft beer in the USA shouldn’t be hard. These sites will give you the best services as you plan to buy.

The delivery services of these online sites will vary with the location of your state. But most sites ship in many areas.

Also, some like The Beer Connect and CraftShack get the craft beers direct from the brewers. It means you’ll get quality craft beer.

Remember, you can get other craft beer sites, but these will help you the most.

So, have you used any of these sites to buy your craft beer? Do you know any other helpful online place? Please share with us.

8 Best Places to Buy Craft Beer Online2

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