Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) Beer: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a lover of beer? You’re probably reading this article because a friend recently mentioned Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) or heard about it elsewhere but knows little. Well, this is the right place to be. We’ve gathered detailed information to make you understand what is PBR beer, and everything else you need to know.

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We found PBR quite interesting because it has been in the beer market since the 19th century and still ranked the best and going strong for its great taste. Besides, it is a favorite beer amongst most people, including hipsters, college kids, and the middle-aged. PBR has the finest American tradition since the 1840s, and that’s why we also like it.

That’s not all. There is so much in store about this exceptional beer. Would you like to know why it has consistently won several awards? Keep reading to find out!

Who is the founder of PBR beer?

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Pabst Blue Ribbon is a well-known American beer that was first created in Milwaukee by Jacob Best in 1844. The beer’s initial names were Best Select and Pabst Select but later changed to Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Back in the day, PBR earned a beer medal and attained a blue ribbon now put on their can. You might find it interesting that in 1996, Pabst brewery was shuttered but resurrected again in 2014. However, the company still maintained the taste of its beer and legacy.

Why did PBR become the hipster beer?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is America’s favorite beer and a hipster brew of choice due to the massive advertisement done in the beer market by the company. Besides, it is relatively cheap, making it a perfect selection for hipsters.

Another reason this beer is as known as a hipster is due to its authenticity. Unlike most beer companies, PBR officials did not chase their audiences with an expensive campaign, which sparked a new interest in the brand. Today, even the millennials love PBR.

Ingredients of PBR beer

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Wondering which are the key ingredients of this famous drink? Well, we’ve got you covered. The first thing we’re happy to tell you is that PBR is vegan friendly as it is made from malted barley, filtered water, special corn syrup, cultured yeast, and spicy hops.

Additionally, it contains carbohydrates like rice and some added simple sugars like maltose and dextrose to favor the American light drinkers. The brewers ferment the sugar into CO2 and alcohol and then mix carbohydrates from both malt and corn syrup, making it taste delicious.

The alcohol content in PBR

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If you are looking for a strong flavor, you should pick Pabst Blue Ribbon as your next beer. Unlike most beers, it has a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.8%. PBR also has a prized flavor from original grains, malt, yeast, and the finest hops.

Besides that, when talking about beer, you must check the calorie counter. If you did not know, alcohol itself is a dense calorie. So, every gram you consume contains seven calories, which is too concentrated.

One tin can of PBR beer contains approximately 192 calories, which is equivalent to 16 Oz. In terms of calorie distribution, this beer has 2g of protein, 8% of dietary fiber, and 6% of carbs. With that in mind, you’ll be able to regulate or control the number of cans you take in a day because taking too many calories is not suitable for your health.

All the same, you can opt for Pabst Blue Ribbon light beer, which has low calorie and alcohol. It contains 133 calorie count with 8.3 g carbs, 0 fat, and 0g proteins. Also, it has a 4.19% PBR alcohol content, which is significantly low compared to the boozy lager.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beer’s refreshing palate but wouldn’t want to get fat, you know the best choice. The only difference between a regular beer and PBR light is that it is refreshing, light, and smooth. You’ll appreciate its unique PBR ingredients that are of high quality and gives a refreshing taste.

Is PBR a non-alcoholic beer?

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Do you have a friend who never takes alcoholic beer when everyone else is? We’re happy to inform you that he can now join the occasion. PBR recently launched an authentic and enjoyable non-alcoholic beer. It is made with the most refined grains and hops that offer an excellent taste.

The new non-alcoholic option does not result in a dreaded hangover as it contains less than 0.5 ABV. Besides, it is energizing and offers easy drinkability to those who prefer non-alcohol beers. The can of this non-alcoholic PBR is white, while the alcoholic one is black to avoid confusion when buying.

If you’re a gym enthusiast and health freak, worry no more. You can take the non-alcoholic PBR without consuming extra calories.

How does PBR smell/taste like?

The first thing you will note after pouring the drink in a glass is the big foam that quickly dissolves into a wispy white lace. I also like the brilliantly pale golden yellow hue that is quite inviting. PBR has a clean sweet aroma that will immediately grab your attention after opening. Also, the smell of grain, malt, and the touch of strained hops are terrific.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is exceptional and the best compared to most American Adjunct Lagers when it comes to taste. It is a tremendous light lager that moderates the body with its effervescent carbonation and malt palate. After your first sip, you’ll feel the smoothness in your mouth riding on the tail of the gassiness.

The lager is crisp, and the bitterness and dryness will slowly kick in as it subsides. Apart from that, traces of alcohol will hit your tongue, warming the mouth and throat. As you wrap it up, you’ll love the great flavor of milled grits.

Best food pairings for PBR beer

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Do you like taking beer while eating? PBR is an excellent revitalizing light beer considering it is inexpensive and can blend perfectly with certain sophisticated foods. So, you don’t have to crush it only during game days and enhance the flavor of your fatty meals. Here are some of our favorite foods that blend well with PBR:

Camembert Cheese

Cheese make various foods but have you tried a combination of Camembert cheese with PBR? Probably not! These two pairs perfectly, and we undoubtedly believe you will love the soft creamy cheese that gives a more potent pungent aroma to the clean taste of light PBR beer.

Are your friends coming over to your house soon? You should prepare them a plate of cheese that features Camembert and serve it with PBR beer! Take it from us, your friends will ask for more! You’ll be surprised when they ask for the same next time they come over.

KBBQ Pork Belly Taco

A match of Korean BBQ Pork Belly Taco and PBR beer is heavenly and super delicious. For those lucky enough to reside in Los Angeles, Roy Choi’s Kogi Taqueria in Palms makes delicious pork Belly tacos. However, you can visit your local Korean market to get thick slices of pork belly to grill at home.

Never tried it before? Don’t worry! Making grilled pork belly is reasonably straightforward. Just follow this helpful recipe to get it done.

Goat-Cheese Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Dates

When we have guests over, the first thing that comes across our minds is serving them with appetizers and snacks along with drinks. Well, this is where the pocket-friendly PBR beer shines while elevating the eating experience.

You can easily prepare goat-cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped dates and use toothpicks to secure them together. All you need to have is a package of bacon, goat cheese, and one package of unpitted dates to make this delicious rich snack.

To prepare, pit the dates and stuff each with a half teaspoon of goat cheese. Once done, cut each bacon into half, and use it to wrap each stuffed date, securing with a toothpick. The last step is baking in the oven at 350° F for 15 minutes until you see the bacon has turned crisp. Now, you can serve with ice-cold PBR to have an enjoyable experience.


Pabst Blue Ribbon is an award-winning brew that one can enjoy at any moment. It tastes a lot better than most American adjunct lagers. You’ll love the sweet palate on the start and the dry and crisp finish that leaves a light-bodied mouthfeel. If you prefer light lager and don’t want a dreaded hangover, the company ensures you’re well catered for.

While PBR only offered alcoholic beers, the brewery recently introduced a non-alcoholic beer for those who prefer their drinks without alcohol. Therefore, during an occasion, no one will be left out! On top of that, PBR blends in perfectly well with certain sophisticated foods, especially those made with cheese or fatty.

Hopefully, this information gives you an insight into PBR. Please feel free to leave a comment or question down below. Have you tasted the lager already? Let us know your perspective.

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