What is a Saison Beer? Everything You Need to Know

Would you like to try a different style of beer? Probably one with interesting flavors yet accessible? Saison, which is a hallmark style, is your next drink. But since there are various Saison beers, you can either choose from, malty or hoppy, light or dark, and tart or dry. It all depends on your desire.

Before we dive right into details, you need to know what a Saison beer is and what makes it exceptionally excellent. Well, Saison is known as a farmhouse, a style of beer made in Belgium, from the French-speaking Wallonia region. It is a spicy and fruity pale ale. Unlike other types, it is a rustic beer that is open to the interpretation of the brewer.

After tasting this farmhouse ale, we were impressed and undoubtedly believe you’ll love it as well. Saison is a renowned brand of all beer styles due to its adaptable, eclectic, and versatile nature. But it doesn’t all end there. Are you curious to know a Saison better? Read on for much more!

What is a Saison Beer? Everything You Need to Know1

The meaning of Saison Dupont

Practically, Dupont is a synonym of Saison, and Saison Dupont generally refers to a thirst-quenching, fruity and spicy character. After tasting it, you’ll feel a pleasant dryness and citrus fruit palate in your mouth, making it a fantastic beer for a sunny day!

What’s the origin of Saison Dupont?

What is a Saison Beer? Everything You Need to Know2

The history of Saison Dupont goes way back to the 18th century. However, you won’t notice a significant change in the current Saison Dupont from the one brewed in 1950. The taste is almost the same. Originally, Saison was brewed over the winter on small farms so that by summer, it would be ready to drink.

Since this style is inherently seasonal, the brewers named it ‘Saison,’ a French word that stands for ‘season.’ So, if you wondered why they named it Saison, you could now relate. The good thing is that even at the end of summer, this beer style would still taste perfect due to the added hops.

The primary purpose of extra hops was to preserve the drink, which certainly enhanced the flavor. Back in the day, field-workers were given the beer on the farm as nourishment, and that’s why it’s sometimes called ‘farmhouse beer,’ to recognize where it was commonly drunk. In the modern-day, this style of beer has turned into everyone’s favorite.

Which are the finest Saison brands to try?

What is a Saison Beer? Everything You Need to Know3

While every bottle of Saison offers exciting possibilities, this evolves and expands over time. If you’re not sure which one to try first, we’ve shared our top 5 favorite picks to give you an excellent introduction to the style. Check them out!

  • Songbird Saison: – A drink from tallgrass that delivers everything you need to get started with Saison style. It is citrusy, sour, and contains low alcohol of 4.8% by volume. You’ll love the different flavors it brings to the table.
  • Allagash Saison: – It is a slightly hazy and bright type of beer full of flavor. The beer’s peppery and somewhat hoppy aroma is irresistible. It has a moderately high alcohol percentage of 6.1 ABV (Alcohol by volume), which is not as strong as most Saisons, making it an excellent start.
  • Saison Dupont: -As we mentioned earlier, Dupont is synonymous with Saison. Therefore, Saison Dupont is a premier beer for all Saisons. It is a first-class Belgian Saison from Brasserie Dupont. The taste of this beer is spicy, tart, and herbaceous. It is well balanced and consistent, making it the perfect choice to understand the Saison style better.
  • Tank 7: – This is an easy to drink ale from Boulevard Brewing Co that is effervescent, hoppy (but not too hoppy), citrusy (but moderately). If you’re a beer drinker, you might have probably heard of it due to its fame. If you are a lover of IPA, you’ll feel comfortable with this funky Saison; hence don’t shy away from it as it gives the best finishing experience of classic pepper.
  • Wandering Bine: – why endure the agony of highly acidic beers while this mild Saison exists? Of course, we all want a drink we can enjoy. Hence, we’re happy to inform you that Wandering Bine’s acidity levels from Three Brewing are comparatively low. It is floral, smooth, and layered with sweet notes. It eases you into farmhouse ales, and that’s why we choose it as an excellent beginner.

Ingredients of a Saison

Are you excited to find out what makes a Saison? Brewing such an incredible style takes a unique approach and ingredients. These components include yeast, Saison ale, fermentables (wheat, pilsner, cane sugar, and Munich), Hops, and spices.

Just like other beers, yeast is the center of the Saison, but in this case, it is of a peppery and spicy character, with fruity and earthy notes. The most commonly used spices in a Saison beer include ginger, coriander, sweet or bitter orange peel, cardamom, and grains of paradise.

For those who like fermenting their own beers, take it from us; you don’t want to use too much spice, hops, and yeast characters in your Saison drink. Instead, consider using light malt to have the best outcome both in taste and color. You can use 10-20% of Vienna malt or light Munich. Do you want to make a Saison yourself? Follow this handy recipe to come up with many distinct Saisons.

What does Saison taste like?

Typically, a Saison is aromatic, fruity, and contains a hint of pepper and soil. Since Saisons are created with wild, top-fermenting yeast, and various local ingredients like grains, the taste is quite refreshing, and you can tell it is moderate in alcohol.

However, different Saison ranges from light to dark, taste fruity or spicy, and hoppy or malty. Subsequently, you’ve got a wide range to select from.

Do you have a strong sense of taste? With Saison, you can’t help but notice the slightly revitalizing touch plus the fantastic aromas. Besides, you’ll fall for its light and dry finish with the balanced flavors in your mouth.

Depending on the ingredients, Saisons can be amber, black, or nearly white. You’ll realize some are strong, and others are not. Some of the flavors you’ll taste in a Saison may contain a twist of added fruits, wild yeast, or spices. However, if you try modern Saisons, you’ll notice that they all share common characteristics.

The most common one is that they are highly fizzy and have a sharp bitterness making them great palate cleansers. That must be pretty welcoming, but this beer will ruin your expectations if you go too light with the foods.

Food pairings for a Saison

What is a Saison Beer? Everything You Need to Know4

Saison has all the factors that make it especially well-suited to blend with foods. While they are still light enough for summer, we appreciate the fact that they’re robust enough to consume with a full-flavored dish. Furthermore, this beer contains a complex blend of spice and yeast fruit to complement various dishes, with an exemption of certain delicate foods.

The spicy and fruity notes of a Saison will give you the best experience even when taking a simple barbecue. We also love how the beer’s peppery and spicy notes enhance the flavor of any peppery or hot meal. It doesn’t matter the simplicity of what you are taking. May it be a simple sausage or a soft cheese like brie? You’ll have one of a kind taste experience.

Different types of seafood are a great combination as well. You can try a Saison beer with various kinds of white fish, salmon, mussels, and mackerel. To avoid going wrong, ensure that the intensity of your fish blends with the beer.

Another dish that matches this light and refreshing drink is a slice of grilled red meat. This pairing is all about the pepper. Try Wandering Bine with a cracked-pepper crusted steak, and you’ll love the taste it offers while adding an extra boost.

To mention but a few, Saison is a food-friendly beer that has a variety of pairing possibilities. Who knows your favorite dish is one of them?


Saison is a brilliantly made beer that any beer lover wouldn’t mind tasting. It is refreshing, and you can’t go wrong combining it with your favorite food. The beer has a wide range of brands to choose from, and you’ll be surprised to find out that they are all great in different ways.

From our perspective, Saison would be your perfect choice for those looking for a farmhouse ale and not shy to try barnyard funk style of beer. The taste is undeniably palatable, probably because of its unique ingredients, which is why most beer drinkers recognize it.

Besides, a Saison beer allows you to choose your desired flavors. Is it malty and sweet, or fruity and spicy? It doesn’t matter! You can access your preferred taste with this style for any occasion. Generally, there is so much to learn about Saisons. So please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question.

Tell us: which Saison excites you the most? And what’s your favorite food to eat with?

What is a Saison Beer? Everything You Need to Know5

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