Yuengling Lager: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you might be familiar with the name ‘Yuengling Lager’. Well, even if you weren’t, now you are! In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Yuengling lager.

From its history to its calorie content to even a brief guide on food pairing, here, you’ll find it all! Now, without any bluffs, let’s dive deep and know what Yuengling lager actually is!

Yuengling Lager: Everything You Need To Know2

What is Yuengling Lager?

Yuengling Lager has been in the market for ages ago. To the question ‘What is Yuengling Lager?’, the answer is pretty simple. It’s a lager, owned by Yuengling and sons, and comes in different varieties.

To name a few, Yuengling raising eagle mango beer, Yuengling traditional beer, Light lager, Black and Tan, Gilden Pilsner, and many more!

Yuengling beers are not considered ‘True ales’ as bottom-fermenting yeasts are used during the brewing process. Moreover, all Yuengling beers are produced at three breweries, two of which are located in Pottsville PA, and the next one in Tampa FL.

History of Yuengling Lager

Truth be told, Yuengling lager is old as a typewriter! It was first established by David Gottlieb Jungling, who immigrated to Pottsville, Pennsylvania from Wurttemberg, Germany, in 1828.

He established a brewery on Center Street in 1829, after changing his surname from Jungling to Yuengling, hence the name of the lager!

After two years of establishment, the brewery was burned down in 1831 and was relocated to Mahatongo Street at 5th street, the present location.

The brewery initially was named ‘Eagle Brewery’ and later was changed to ‘D.G. Yuengling and Son’ in 1873 after David’s son, Fredrick, joined the family business.

Likewise, Frederik’s son, Frank D. Yuengling, began to run the company in 1899 after his father died.

Yuengling survived the dark prohibition era by getting creative by producing ‘near beer’ or 0.5% alcohol by volume brews called ‘Yuengling special’, ‘Yuengling Por-Tor’, and ‘Yuengling Juvo’. These were later marketed as an energy drink.

Yuengling, after winning the fight against prohibition in 1933, celebrated the victory by sending a truckload of ‘Winner Beer’ to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Until today, this company has been known to have been passed down from fathers to sons for six generations.

In 1985, Richard Yuengling purchased this company from his father. After 155 years of inception, Yuengling’s Pottsville brewery was entitled on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Barack Obama also claimed Yuengling to be his best beer, and he even included it in political exchange with Canada in 2010.

In 2016, this drink was boycotted as it endorsed Donald Trump for president. And in 2021, the company announced its expansion into Texas, assuming that doing so will increase its consumption by brewing at Molson Coors’ facility in Fort Worth.

Calorie Content in Yuengling Lager

Do you want to drink and enjoy and also don’t want any health damage? If yes, you must always keep a note of calories and alcohol by volume of each type of Yuengling beer.

Yuengling offers you a wide variety of beers, each having its different calories and alcohol by volume content.

If you want to enjoy the oldest and the finest beer, Yuengling beer should be your choice. However, amidst enjoying your favorite beer, you might want to know about the calorie content.

Yuengling lagers come in different varieties, so we won’t be discussing each of them in this section. Here, let’s learn about the calories content in a few popular Yuengling lagers, shall we?

1. In Yuengling Light

Yuengling Lager- Everything You Need To Know3

If you are looking for something light and low-calorie drinks then, Yuengling light and Yuengling lager should be your choice.

One bottle of Yuengling light lager contains 99 calories per bottle. To further breakdown the calorie, it contains 2% fat, 89% carbohydrate, and 9% protein per bottle.

Yuengling light comes in the caramel malt flavor and mild hop character. Yuengling light lager is popular amongst calorie-conscious people due to its relatively lower calorie content. The beer has very little alcohol by volume content, i.e., 3.8%.

2. In Yuengling Traditional

Yuengling Lager- Everything You Need To Know4

Similar to Yuengling light, Yuengling traditional is also light in calorie content. So, if you are a gym freak and looking for a low-calorie drink, Yuengling traditional is the best option.

Famous for its medium-bodied flavor and rich amber color, this beer came into existence after its recipe was restored in 1987.

When it comes to its calorie content, it is 135 calories per can or a bottle of 356g. It contains 1.6 g of proteins and 4% of carbohydrates.

Moreover, the sodium, calcium, and iron levels are 1%, 1.4%, and 0.4%, respectively. The ABV of this Yuengling traditional beer is around 4.5%.

3. In Yuengling Black And Tan

Yuengling Lager- Everything You Need To Know5

Yuengling black and tan is loved by many for its rich and dark flavor. This drink is a mixture of 60% of the Dark Brew Porter and 40% premium beer.

Yuengling Black and Tan beer is a typical half and half English beer. This beer is made from the hits of coffee and caramel from roasted malts.

It contains a relatively greater calorie content with 150 calories per can/bottle with 15 gm of carbohydrate. Likewise, it has a slightly higher alcohol by volume content of 4.6%.

What to Pair Your Yuengling Lager With?

Yuengling Lager- Everything You Need To Know6

Now that we’ve discussed enough what Yuengling Lager is, its history, and calorie content, let’s talk about what food best compliments this beer.

Beer food pairing choice ultimately comes down to your personal preference. But there are certain combinations that are surely a hit!

Having said that, we highly recommend you to experiment when it comes to beer and its food mate. For now, let’s see what three food best compliments Yuengling Lager.

1. Grilled Foods and Seafood:

Yuengling lager and grilled foods perfectly match in their flavor, thus giving rise to an epic beer-food combination. Be it premium, light, or black and tan, whenever in doubt, always go for grilled meats!

Moreover, the malty flavor of Yuengling lagers also pairs best with grilled cheese with gouda and sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Yuengling lagers also pair best with seafood. We’d certainly recommend you try your Yuengling with shrimp ceviche mixed with some jalapeƱos, avocado, and tomatoes.

2. Fried Food:

If in doubt, have your Yuengling lagers with some fries or any fried foods. As these beers match with almost any fried foods or most readymade foods, they are also a perfect choice for summer picnics.

3. Hot and Spicy Food:

Hot and spicy foods are also perfect Yuengling beer mates. If you don’t believe us, try for yourself!

Until When Does Your Yuengling Lager Last?

Unlike other liquors with high ABV, beer lasts for quite a short time. Many believe that beers are known to be at their best for around 6 months from their manufacture date.

If stored properly, i.e., Refrigerated and stored away from sunlight and heat, it will last for a few months more or a year at max. If you have a year-old Yuengling beer, make sure you check for its freshness.

If you hear a ‘psss’ sound once you open the bottle and foaming occurs, the beer probably is fine. But if the smell is unpleasant or if you feel that the beer isn’t drinkable, throwing the bottle away might be the best possible option.

Moreover, check for the expiry date on the beer bottle. Once past the expiry date, beers will probably last for a few months more.

Beer bottles are often known to have expiry dates written in codes difficult to decipher. So, make sure you do the proper research beforehand.

Yuengling Lager Recipe

So, do you want to brew Yuengling lager on your own? If yes, the ingredients you’ll need for the recipe are Belgian Cara-pils, crystal malt, liquid amber extract, dry amber extract, cascades, Irish moss, and Wyeast 3766 cider.

Though this recipe is originally used to ferment ale, the blogger from Beer Tools has ensured that the end beer tastes incredibly near to Yuengling Lager, thus, named as ‘Yuengling Lager Clone’ recipe.

A commenter has also mentioned that this ale version of Yuengling comes out perfect!

If you want to know the exact amounts of ingredients to be used and the recipe procedure, head over to Beer Tools! You’ll find the recipe to make 5 gallons of extract. Moreover, don’t forget to read the ‘Notes’ section.


By now, we believe that all your queries regarding Yuengling lagers has been answered. From history to caloric content, you know it all, don’t you?

We’ve even provided you with a site in which you’ll find an excellent Yuengling lager clone recipe. Now, all you need to do is give it a try!

So, what is your favorite Yuengling lager? Have you tried making it on your own? Let us know!

Yuengling Lager: Everything You Need to Know7

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  1. Your Yuengling history is fundamentally wrong. Yuengling Lager isn’t “as old as the typewriter”. I’m a 60 year old Philadelphia very familiar with this brewery. Yuengling — when it was a regional brew, which was for most of its history, had two beers: Yuengling Porter and Lord Chesterfield Ale (aka “Chetty”). Those beers and only those beers were brewed by Yuengling since the brewery was founded in 1829. Yuengling was a little hard to find even in PA outside of the Pottstown region. (Before their lager was introduced I knew of only one bar that served both on tap, which was their house beers. That bar was “Dirty Franks” on 12th and Pine in center city Philly. Never saw it anywhere else in the 80’s when I was of legal age.) Yuengling Lager wasn’t introduced until 1987(!) That beer became very popular and put Yuengling on the map. Seemingly overnight “Yuengling Lager” was everywhere in Philly — every bar, every restaurant, every beer distributor. You simply go to any bar with a tap and just say, “lager” and the bar-keep immediately pulled a Yuengling lager. And that’s true to this day. (I just had one at a local bar. $4.50 for a nice draft pour where the craft brews were 6, 7, 8 bucks for the same pour.) However, it was absolutely not brewed when the brewery was founded, not for nearly 160 years later in the mid-1980’s. Before 1987 it was just porter and “Chetty” (which is my favorite Yuengling btw).


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