17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas

We’ve all been there! A beer bottle in one hand and searching for a beer bottle opener with the other. What can be more annoying than not finding an opener in such situations?

You might even consider your teeth as the bottle opener at the time of need, but remember – it can cause irritation to your teeth. So, DIY bottle opener as per your requirements and place it at places you find convenient.

For instance, if you’re prone to losing openers, you must consider making a wall-mounted version. Want to know how? Let’s look at some excellent DIY beer bottle opener ideas!

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas1


17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas2

Gift a perfect DIY beer bottle opener to your father on Father’s Day. On this site, you can learn how to make a bottle opener along with the cap holder.

This wall-mounted bottle opener – cum – cap holders can also be attached on your home mini bar to add aesthetic appeal to your place. Follow this tutorial to make bottle opener in about 10 minutes under 10$.

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2. How to make a Cool BEER BOTTLE OPENER

If you have an unused pallet wood in your house, you can follow this video tutorial to DIY a simple bottle opener and cap holders. What’s more, this bottle opener can also be a fun party gift.

You can simply make the bottle opener from a single piece of pallet wood and provides an aesthetic finish with the help of stain and satin varnish. Remember to use the tools and machinery carefully and under expert supervision, if you’re a beginner.

3. How to Make a Handsome and Handy Wooden Bottle Opener

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas3

This site helps you make a handsome and handy bottle opener using scrap wood, nails, and small pieces of magnets. Those small pieces of magnets help you control bottle caps’ littering, which can be considered the best part of this model.

You can find the details of measurement and tools and materials required for the completion of the work. You can also find the bottle opener’s plans in PDF format at the end of the post.

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4. Top 5: Unique Ways to Open Bottles Without an Opener

If you’re someone who prefers watching videos over reading blogs, here’s a YouTube video for you on how to open beer bottles without an opener. This video by The Best Hobbies Blog channel shows you five unique ways to open up the bottle.

You will be amazed to see how you can even use your car keys and belt buckle to open your beer bottles.

5. DIY one hand bottle opener

This video tutorial helps you to make the most uncomplicated bottle opener. All you need is a piece of wood to hold grip, nail, and a hammer to fix that nail on that wood.

The Youtuber of this channel also claims that this bottle opener works better than other openers he has ever known. You must give it a try as it simple and can be made within few minutes.

6. How To Make A DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas4

If you are not fond of finding beer bottle caps all over your houses, this site might be beneficial for you as you can find instructions on making a magnetic bottle opener here.

Detailing of the works that need to be done are given on this site. Seven 1- inch diameter magnets were used in this bottle opener model. These magnets were strong enough to hold the wooden plague on the refrigerator and also catch all the bottle caps.

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7. DIY beer bottle opener

What if you find an old used cutting disc in your storeroom, but you simply don’t want to throw it away? Well, you can make something useful out of it!

Recycle the old disc into a bottle opener! If you’re up for it, then this video tutorial is for you. It shows how you can make a beer bottle opener from an old used cutting disc.

8. DIY Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas5

If you want to make an easy and inexpensive bottle opener this site is for you. It gives you two option to design your bottle opener.

First one is to place a bucket if you want to catch your bottle caps and keep it simple. On the other hand, you can add some fun by using various stencils, as shown in the tutorial. All the necessary tools, materials required and the proper instructions are mentioned in the site.

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9. How To Make A Bottle Opener – A Father’s Day Exclusive

This video tutorial shows us the easiest way of making a bottle opener simply using a piece of wood and washer. The tools required for making the opener, most of which are likely to be readily available at your home, are mentioned in the video.

As a commenter mentioned that a coin worked perfectly for him, you can also substitute the washer with a coin in case you want to.

10. 10 Different Ways to Open a Beer Bottle without a Bottle Opener

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas6

This site opens up the 10 alternative ways by which you can open bottle caps if you cannot find your bottle opener at the time of need. These alternatives are cheaper and can even save your time and effort that otherwise goes into DIYing a fancy bottle opener.

On Family Handyman you will be surprised to know how you could use a spoon and even a lighter as a bottle opener.

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11. Make A Beer Bottle Opener From Pallet Wood

The Youtuber from Mean’s Woodshop teaches us to make a simple beer bottle from the oak wood pallet and a few walnut scraps.

The construction of this beer bottle opener is super easy as no metal works are involved, and you can customize your opener as you like. You must be careful while using woodworking machinery.

12. How to Make a Bottle-Cap Opener Game

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas7

If you are having a party at your place, this site will absolutely help you spice up your party! Want to know how? DIY a bottle opener that serves as a game board!

Even if you are a beginner, you can do this DIY at your place with an estimated time of half-day and estimated cost of around $130. All the necessary instruction are clearly mentioned on this site for making the bottle opener.

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13. How to Make a Homemade Bottle Opener

Do you want to make a simple bottle opener? This video guides you on making one using a scrap piece of wood, nail, and two magnets.

If you are bad at woodwork, I suggest you not try this DIY. However, if you still want to make yourself a bottle opener and simply escape the decoration on the top of the opener and simply strike the nails on the appropriate wood piece.

14. How To Make A Bottle Opener

This youtube video helps you make your own portable bottle opener with the small scrap of metal and a small wood block that you can also use as a key ring.

You need to have good knowledge of metalwork before trying this DIY. So you must take training, or you must seek for expert supervision to guide you on metalworking before giving it a try at your own.

15. DIY Bottle Opener Game

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas8

If you plan to have a bottle opener game in your house, this site gives you the perfect idea for making such bottle openers.

You can create the various design as per your choice on the board to give it a playful accent and stencil it on to the board add some aesthetic appeal. Consider waxing the board for smooth edges.

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16. DIY BOTTLE OPENER | Scrap steel & Simple tools

In this video tutorial, the Youtuber from Build-it Brock decided to DIY a bottle opener from a scrap of metal after his can/bottle opener combo stopped working. With a set of basic tools and the metal piece, he has made a fine portable bottle opener.

You can simply make your own bottle opener from the metal piece without using any wood. You need to take training or ask for expert supervision before carrying out metal works.

17. How to make a DIY Bottle Opener and Magnetic Cap Catcher

If you want to make your own fantastic bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher that can be attached to your fridge, then this video tutorial is for you. You can DIY this simple bottle opener all by yourself as it doesn’t involve any metal works.

The two magnets placed in the middle of the opener help you catch the number of bottle caps, and the video shows how it is done.


If you’re someone who has been doing woodworking or metalworking DIYs for long, this project is a child’s play for you. But, if you’re not into such DIYs, we’d recommend you be cautious while doing this project.

And even if you’re not confident enough to DIY a beer opener, we’ve given you plenty of ideas to open the bottle without using an opener, haven’t we?

17 DIY Beer Bottle Opener Ideas9

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