18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily

If you’ve had an epic party at your house recently, there might be a lot of empty beer bottles waiting to be trashed. But what if we say that you can DIY something useful and beautiful out of those bottles? Something like a chandelier?

Yes, you read that right! Make a stunning beer bottle chandelier by following any of these following 18 beer bottle chandelier DIY ideas.

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily1

1. DIY Bottle Chandelier | The Home Team S5 E11

Almost all the supplies used for this DIY bottle chandelier were destined for the trash. But these two Youtuber from The Home Team decided to recycle the bottles into a beautiful chandelier.

Most importantly, this DIY is very simple and requires not many skills. Even if you’re a beginner to DIYs, you can surely pull this one off!

2. DIY Beer Bottle Chandelier

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily2

This DIY is easy to make even if you’re not a professional in metalworking. Using a diamond plated aluminum sheet, a mirrored acrylic sheet, and beer bottles, this blogger was able to make a fancy beer bottle chandelier.

If you don’t have enough beer bottles, you can always scale the project down. This DIY chandelier will be a great addition to your home bar.

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3. Building the World’s Largest Beer Bottle Chandelier

This DIY beer bottle chandelier will probably be a bit too much for you. However, you can still be inspired and gather a few tiny helpful details throughout the process. You can even scale it down to create a mini version of this chandelier.

Wesley Treat has a lot of woodworking DIYs and informational videos. So, if you’re into such things, you should definitely check the channel out!

4. How to Make a Chandelier From Old Wine Bottles

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily3

Here’s another stunning beer bottle chandelier written tutorial. From cutting bottles to feeding the wires to the junction box, every detail is mentioned in this tutorial.

Even if you’re a beginner to DIYs, you’ll probably not have any hard time following this thorough tutorial. You can always substitute the wine bottles with beer bottles and follow the same exact procedure to DIY a fabulous chandelier.

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5. Make your own Beer Bottle Chandelier **DIY Project

This beer bottle chandelier by Nick and Silke Jager looks very antique and rustic. The beautiful wired decoration on top truly elevated the entire look of the chandelier. Though the Youtuber hasn’t demonstrated the entire DIY process, he has explained the process quite thoroughly.

The Youtuber has also mentioned a perfect bulb for these types of bottle chandeliers, the one that emits a soft yellow glow to the bottles, in the video. Watch the video to find out!

6. Make your own beer bottle chandelier

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily4

For this particular DIY chandelier, you’ll be needing around 14 to 20 beer bottles, colored or plain white lights, and stucco wire corner pieces.

The only downside is that the blog might be quite difficult to comprehend as the procedure is briefed in one big bulky paragraph, and no progress images are attached to the post.

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Watch this 2-minutes tutorial video to find out an excellent and probably the easiest way to make a bottle chandelier. Though this video features a wine bottle chandelier, you can make one out of beer bottles by following the same procedure.

AposhDecor by Lina has a bunch of exciting DIYs and home makeover videos, in case you’re interested.


18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily5

Though wine bottles make some fancy and classy DIY chandeliers, beer bottles are no less. Follow the 5-steps direction in this blog to DIY a beer bottle chandelier.

What’s more, you can even use soda bottles or any glass liquor bottles for this DIY. Scroll the post down for some alternative ways to make wine or beer bottles chandelier.

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9. How to make a bottle Lamp Chandelier?

This DIY bottle lamp chandelier is absolutely stunning! Though the different sized bottles elevate the overall look, you can always cut beer bottles to different lengths to imitate a similar design. Or, you can even use colored beer bottles to make the chandelier fancier.

The DIY in itself looks very easy, and the step-by-step guideline in this tutorial will make your work a lot easier.

10. DIY Beer Bottle Chandelier

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily6

The blogger from Brobility clarifies at the beginning of the post that his expertise is neither in welding nor in electronics. When he saw a similar design that included welding and extensive LED solutions, he came up with this easy solution.

Watch this step-by-step tutorial if you’re interested in crafting a similar beer bottle chandelier for your home bar. You can find the lists of tools and supplies at the beginning of the blog.

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11. How to Make a Wood x Beer Bottle Beam Chandelier at Home

If you’re not a fan of bulky chandeliers and want to DIY something minimal, we might have the perfect tutorial for you. This wooden beam beer bottle chandelier looks minimal and antique and a perfect way of recycling beer bottles.

The Youtuber doesn’t do much talking so, you’ll have to figure out the procedure from the video itself. As the process is not complicated, it shouldn’t be a problem.


18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily7

The blogger wanted to DIY a chandelier out of beer bottles as soon as he learned how to cut a glass bottle. And the job he did, it’s truly fabulous!

The blog is very detailed, and you’ll have no difficulty following along. Moreover, the idea of pairing wired decoration with the chandelier was so genius. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the chandelier yourself.

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13. how to make glass bottle lamp

If you’re looking for something simple and minimal, you’ll love this beer bottle hanging lamp DIY. You can even use a circular wood piece to accommodate more lamps if you want to make it more chandelier-type.

Or, you can make a simple hanging lamp for your bedroom if you wish. All the supplies you’ll need for this DIY are mentioned in the description box.

14. Let’s Make a Chandelier from bottles

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily8

In this tutorial, the blogger makes a chandelier from colored glass bottles. But you don’t have to do the same. You can use the same technique to recycle your beer bottles into a stunning chandelier.

However, she had a little help from the local glass company as she couldn’t make holes at the bottom of the bottles on her own. A tutorial video is attached at the beginning of the post for your convenience.

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15. DIY how to industrial pipe liquor beer bottle chandelier light

This tutorial video teaches you to connect liquor or beer bottle light to industrial pipe fitting and conduit fitting to make a DIY lamp or a chandelier.

All the commenters have raved about how helpful this tutorial has been to them. Check the video out; you might be the next one to do so!

16. The Chandelier Saga

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily9

The blogger from That House On The Corner saw a $400 wine bottle chandelier at a shop catalog and decided to DIY one for herself at a cheaper cost.

All the supplies you’ll need in given in the blog, along with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. All the comments on this post are positive and appreciative. That says something, isn’t it?

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17. Wine Bottle Chandelier: Part 1- Cutting a Wine Bottle

Repurpose your old wine or beer bottles and a wagon wheel into something bright and stunning – a rustic looking chandelier! Though the Youtuber from Review Outlaw used wine bottles, you can use whatever glass bottles you have to complete the project.

The Youtuber has demonstrated to you how you can cut the bottles as well in this first part video. And in Part-2, he has provided you guidelines on how to repurpose the wagon wheel and add the bottles to create a masterpiece.


When it comes to making a custom chandelier, wiring seems to be the most problematic part to many. To your rescue, we’ve added this how to wire a custom chandelier tutorial to our list.

Watch this video if you have any problems or confusion in wiring your custom chandelier. And, if you’d like to DIY a bottle chandelier that uses a wheel, make sure you watch the first tutorial by matthighlively as well.


When can you make something so useful as a chandelier using objects destined to trash, what can be more fulfilling than that? You can even gift these DIY chandeliers to your loved ones. We’ve provided you many excellent DIY beer bottle chandelier ideas.

Now, all you have to do is push yourself a little and do the remaining work. And don’t forget to be creative. DIYs are all about learning and recreating; there’s a reason why it was said ‘Do It Yourself’. The more you tweak these designs to personalize them, the better!

18 Homemade Beer Bottle Chandelier Ideas You Can DIY Easily10

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