17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily

We all know that to win a beer die, the four essential attributes are quick response, good partnership, and accuracy. And, the fourth? A fantastic beer die table!

You can buy a beer die table, but will it be as fun as playing it in a self-made beer die table? We highly doubt so! Moreover, DIYing a beer die table is incredibly cheap. Then, why waste your money on an expensive store-bought beer die table?

In this post, we’ll share 17 DIY beer die table ideas with you, all of which are incredibly easy to follow along. Let’s review them one by one, shall we?

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1. Table Build

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 2

Building a beer die table is not a big deal if you have a building plan ready with you. For those DIY enthusiasts, who don’t need step by step guidance, this beer die table build plan will be enough.

All the materials and tools you’ll need are given at the beginning, followed by two illustrative figures, one of the top view and the other of front/back view.

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2. DIY Beer Die Table

The Youtubers from The [rec] centre, Logan and Jake DIYed a beer die table in this YouTube video.

All the materials required for the table, including the miscellaneous materials, are mentioned in the video description. The Youtubers has mentioned in the comment section that this project cost them a little under $100.

Moreover, the comment section might prove to be quite handy to you as they have answered some queries in the comment section.



17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 3

On this site, you’ll find a slideshow where the DIY procedure is explained below the progressive images of the DIY. All the dimensions required for the table are also given in the description.

If you scroll down the site, you can even find a DIY beer die table painting video timelapse. So, if you have no idea how to paint the die table, check out the video.

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4. How to ACTUALLY Build a Beer Die Table

Learn to DIY a custom rasta chopped themed beer die table by watching this video tutorial. The only drawback is that the tools and supplies aren’t listed in the description box.

All the commenters are praising this tutorial. So, go and have a look; you might be the next one to applaud the tutorial. Moreover, Chopped420 has epic vlogs and how-to videos, in case you’re interested.


5. Building a beer die table

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 4

If you’re looking for a detailed DIY beer die table tutorial, this site is not for you. In this Reddit forum, a user has asked for a little help in figuring out beer die table dimensions and has asked for tips on how to build a good die table.

Another user has guided him on what materials to use and has briefed him the DIY procedure to his response. So, if you have the same doubts, check this Reddit forum out!

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6. How To Build a Beer Dye Table

If you’re here for the real work and you don’t quite enjoy unnecessary bluffs, this video tutorial by Air Land Media is perfect for you.

In about one and a half minute, you’ll learn how to DIY a beer die table for yourself. Many viewers of the video have claimed it to be one of the best DIY beer die table tutorials they’ve ever watched. Check for yourself and let us know if you felt the same!


7. Beer Die Table

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 5


The blogger from Instructables decided to make a beer die table for his final project. When this table detects the impact of the die, Arduino lights up the RGB strip. How cool is that?

However, you might need some technical and electronics skills if you are to complete this project. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can take help from someone knowledgeable.

If you’re planning to do DIYs like this every weekend, Instructables is one of the best places to find step by step guidance.

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8. Making a Die table

If you’re on college and planning to build a DIY beer die table for your next college party, this tutorial is the one you should follow.

The Youtuber Alex Fox rakes you along the process where he and his housemate build an excellent beer die table. However, this video is more of a vlog and less of a tutorial. So, if you’re someone who needs to be guided on every step, you might as well skip this tutorial.


9. Beer Die/Pong Table

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 6

Do you want to build a 2-in-1 beer die cum pong table? If yes, this build plan is for you. Though you’ll not find any step by step guidelines on this site, you can find the required materials list at the beginning of the plan.

This build plan is very elaborate. Moreover, the illustrative figures on this plan make this DIY project incredibly easy to understand and follow along, even if you’re a beginner to these kinds of DIYs.

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10. DIY Beer Die Table

Here’s another vlog cum tutorial DIY beer die table video. In this video by Terrace Family Vlogs, the Youtuber also shares some clips with his viewers where he designs the build plan of the table.

Once the Youtuber finalizes the design, you’ll get to see the build process followed by the painting of the table.


11. Beer Game: Beer Die

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 7

Do you know how to play beer die? Or, are you planning to learn once you complete this DIY project? If you fall into the latter category, this is the blog post you must check out.

You’ll find all the beer die how-to and rules in this post. This post is very long and elaborate, but you’ll find all the essentials here. Check out Realbeer.com for more beer DIYs and beer-related informative blogs.

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12. How To Make A Beer Die Table

The best part of this video is that the Youtuber Christopher Prince has shown all the supplies and tools required for the project in the video itself. Doing so makes the tutorial more beginner-friendly.

Procedure for each step is written at the bottom part of the video. The Youtuber has mentioned in the comment section that the table he made was 3 feet high. So, remember to adjust the dimensions as per your preference.


13. Building a Beer Die Table

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 8

Read this blog by CABIN GUY to find out the easiest way you can build a beer die table. A 4 inches X 8 inches plywood, two sawhorses and you’re done!

If you want to know which type of plywood and sawhorses to choose, how you can set these two and finally, how to design and paint your beer die table, you’ll have to read the entire blog.

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14. DIY Foldable Table | Beer Dye

Foldable beer die table is excellent if you have to carry it often around. This video tutorial by Kat Swisher will teach you to make one.

Even if you’re a newbie, you’ll be able to follow along with this tutorial as the Youtuber has demonstrated each step in detail. The only downside of this tutorial is that you’ll have to figure out the tools and supplies needed yourself.


15. Beer Die Rules: Tossers Handbook + How to Play

17 Homemade Beer Die Table Ideas You Can DIY Easily 9

DIYing a beer die table is not complicated, but winning the game can be! With this tossers handbook and how to play guide, be a pro at beer die and surprise your friends!

Also, at the end of the blog, a few rare circumstances are mentioned. So, the next time such a situation ends up while you’re playing, you and your friends won’t have to be confused.

This blog will come handy even if you’re planning to DIY a beer diy table as you’ll also get to know beer die table standard measurements and cups spacing.

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16. Making a Die Table

If you want to build a playboy bunny die table, this video tutorial is for you. Youtuber Sabash and his friends have DIYed this awesome die table in this video. Observe the video and follow along to make one for yourself!

This video is more of a vlog DIY, so, it’ll be entertaining to watch as well. But if you’re someone who wants to get straight to the point, you might as well skip this video.


17. How to Make a Beer Die Table

This Youtuber Ellie Troughton designs his beer die table using various beer wrappers. The end result is stunning!

If you’re not sure how you want to give a finishing touch to your DIY beer table, you might love this idea. Head over to this video to know how the Youtuber slays it!



A beer die table is very simple to build and fun to paint. And what’s more fun than playing a beer die on your own DIY die table?

We’ve shared 17 excellent beer die table DIY ideas with you. Now select the tutorial, gather the supplies and start this fun project right away!

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