17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily

If you are a homebrewer, then you surely are looking for an idea to prepare the grain for brewing. Well, all you need is a mash tun! Though you can buy a mash tun online, it is quite expensive. So, why not to make your own DIY mash tun?

If you like to do things yourself and love DIYs on top of that, build a functional and effective mash tun just by using simple tools and inexpensive parts. Here is the list of the 17 DIY mash tun ideas you can follow to make your own homemade mash tun.

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily2

1. How to Build Your Own Home-Brewing Mash Tun

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily3

Why spend money on store-bought mash tun when you can convert your plastic beverage cooler into a mash tun for less than half that price just by using a few parts and some basic tools.

The materials required and the stepwise instruction are clearly mentioned in this written tutorial for you. This DIY is so easy that even the blogger has ensured his readers that even a 6 years child can even do the mechanical work required to complete the project.

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2. Building a Mash Tun: A DIY Project

If you have a spare picnic cooler, you can follow this video tutorial to make a DIY mash tun. This video tutorial guides you step-by-step on making a mash tun or lauter tun from a picnic cooler.

The Youtuber ensures you that it will allow you to mash enough grains for 10-gallon batches of beer. You can use homemade CPVC manifold from separating the wort from the grain and even learn how to add a ball valve to your cooler.


3. How to Build a Mash Tun

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily4

This site teaches you to build a mash tun for 5-gallon batches sparge brewing which can also be used for all-grain brewing. All the materials required and the stepwise instruction are given on the the blog.

According to this site, for more instruction, you can follow along with AHA Directory Gray Glass in part three of the Introduction to All-Grain Video Series.

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4. How to Make DIY MASH TUN COOLER | All grain

Do you want to build a mash tun cooler? If yes, this video is for you! It further teaches you what to do and what not to do while making your own mash tune.

The Youtuber also ensures that you can make this in five minutes without using wrenches and tools at half the money you spend on buying it. He further informs his viewers not to use a thermometer in it.


5. How to Build Your Own Mash Tun

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily5

You can make your own circular mash tun at an approximate cost of $100, rectangular mash tun at $75 and converted keg mash tun at $225 by following this site. Moreover, this blog informs you about all the basics of a mash tun.

All the materials that you require to set your tun are also listed on this site. Similarly, the site has also given step-by-step instruction to make different types of mash tuns.

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6. SUPER Simple DIY Thermpot Mash Tun Build for Homebrew

This video tutorial shows how you can build the simple stainless mash tun. The whole process of making the mash tun might take your 2 hours with the minimum tools and parts.

This video tutorial is divided into four parts starting from the parts required, followed by tools required, after that steps to build, and finally assembling the parts.


7. Build A Heated Mash Tun: Projects

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily6

If you want to build a coil heated mash tun that closely resembles the mechanism of mash mixing vessels used by professionals, you just need to follow the instruction on this site. The mechanism and the materials required for the project are also mentioned on the site.

The editor of this site warns us not to attempt any electrical wiring if you are inexperienced and always seek the expert opinion when it comes to wiring.

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8. How to Build The BEST Mash Tun from a Beverage Cooler

In this video tutorial, the Youtuber Nick Koridis show you how to build your own beverage mash/ lauter tun. You can simply use any type of cooler, but your hardware will vary accordingly.

The Youtuber further warns you not to use conduit locknuts, parts labelled only as “steel,” or anything galvanized, which may create toxic brews. The supplies required for the project are listed on the description of the video.


9. Build Your Own Brewery for Under £100 ! – STEP 1 – Mash Tun

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily7

If you want to make a mash tun, just follow this tutorial to build it under $40. The tools and the materials required are listed on the site, along with some important disclaimers.

Follow the step-by-step instruction given on the site to complete the project. You can also use some alternatives mentioned on the site in case you couldn’t find the materials on the list.

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10. Mash Tun Build Project (Instructable Tun with tweaks)

If you have some old SV buckets with you, this video tutorial from Dudes Brews will guide you to make your own mash tun. This Youtuber helps you to design unique mash tun consisting of 3 buckets rather than 2.

The materials needed are mentioned in the video. You just need to follow the detailed instruction to build one for yourself.


11. Build an Awesome Mash Tun Less Thans $60 Bucks (False Bottom)

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily8

If you are thinking of making your own mash tun, follow this site to build a false bottom mash tun for all grain brewing for less than $60. The blogger has mentioned all the parts he used and further ensured that it could be made within 20 minutes.

The blogger has slightly changed the design from that of John J. Palmer. He has also mentioned that using this new design helps in cleaning purpose and you can easily convert your mash tun into a cooler.

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12. How to Build a Mash Tun – DIY

This video tutorial shows how you can make the mash tun the same as that of Moski Homebrew. Make a mash tun out of stainless steel by following this video tutorial. The Youtuber has also given some alternative modification and cheap options.

The Youtuber also warns you not t use any zinc or galvanized materials as the acidity of worth will corrode it. The Youtuber has also answered all the queries regarding the project in the comment section.


13. DIY: Making Your Own Cooler Mash Tun

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily9

If you want to get finer control of your recipe and save some money, you can simply follow it to DIY a mash tun from a drink cooler. The tools and the material are listed in the site, along with a very detailed procedure.

Finally, the blogger reminds you to solder drain shaft components and end caps but not the rings. It is done so that the manifold slides easily into place and makes it easier to clean and store.

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14. Building Our Brewing Mashtun Tutorial – Inlay Thermometer

Modify your 10-gallon Home Depot cooler and turn into your mash tun for home brewing! These coolers are cheap and easy to build when compared to other options.

The instruction is clear in the video tutorial; you just need to follow them. One of the commenters from the comment section has given a tip of putting a drill in reverse when using a hole saw with plastic for a cleaner and controlled hole.


15. Building a Mash Tun with Style

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily10

If you want to build a mash tun using a complete stainless kit with a 3/8 stainless pickup tube this site is for you. The tools and parts required to convert a cooler into mash tun are also listed on this site.

This tutorial helps you set up your mash tun little different and having this kind of setup gives you almost zero dead spaces.

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16. Building my new Mash Tun

This video tutorial teaches you to make a mash tun using Coleman Xtreme cooler. The Youtuber made this new mash tun with copper manifold because the old one’s filter stopped working properly.

The materials required are given in the tutorial. The Youtuber further suggested to one of the commenters that you can deep clean those copper tubes using sodium percarbonate.


17. How to Make a Homemade Mash Tun | A Simple DIY Guide

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily11

If you are serious about home brewing, then you need a mash tun! Follow this for a simple DIY guide on how to make a homemade mash tun. The blog starts with the lists of materials and tools required to complete the work.

The blog has 10 steps to build a mash tun which you need to follow precisely, and finally, your homemade mash tun will be ready.

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We have provided you with 17 excellent DIY mash tun ideas. Now, all you need to do is gather the supplies and determination, and start the DIY! Which idea did you like the most? Let us know!

17 Homemade Mash Tun Plans You Can DIY Easily12

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