17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily

Having a home beer bar gives you a personal space to enjoy with your friends and families, doesn’t it?

You can also DIY a beer bar for your man cave for days when you just want to be with yourself. Wondering how to? We’ve got you covered! Follow any of these 18 DIY beer bar tutorials to make an excellent homemade bar for yourself.

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily2

1. DIY Budget Bar Build – Under $100$!!

If you’re looking forward to making a home bar under budget, this video is for you! Make this DIY bar for under $100. This YouTuber decided to make a home bar in his brother’s basement to make the area more entertaining.

This tutorial’s only downside is that the Youtuber hasn’t mentioned the dimensions and supplies needed for the DIY in the description. So, make sure to keep your eyes focused while watching the tutorial!


2. Building a party bar

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily3

If you’re someone who loves inviting friends over frequently, this DIY is for you. Build this party beer bar by following this step by step tutorial by The Kitchen Garden.

All the equipment and supplies required for the project are written at the beginning of the blog. Moreover, all the steps are clearly elaborated with the help of illustrative images.

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3. IKEA HACK: The Easy DIY Bar

If you’re not very interested in DIYing a whole bar for yourself and want something easy, this tutorial will certainly catch your eye. This Ikea hack is the easiest way to build a home bar for yourself.

If you want to know how to, make sure to check this DIY video. All the supplies and tools you’ll need for this project are mentioned in the video’s description as well as at the beginning of the video.


4. How to Build a Home Bar – DIY Step by Step Guide

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily4

If you’re an absolute beginner to woodworking and don’t have any experience with such woodworking DIYs, this tutorial is the perfect place to start.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to make a basement bar. All the tools and supplies required are mentioned at the blog, followed by in-depth procedural steps. However, if you want to DIY this home bar, you might have to pay for the plan.

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5. How To Build A DIY Wedding Bar

If you’re getting married and don’t want to spend a fortune in an open bar, this video is for you! This unique wedding bar will definitely be a showstopper at your wedding!

If you’re certain that you want to build this bar, make sure to check out the link to the step by step instructions for this project, which is mentioned in the video’s description.


6. How to Build a Craft Beer Bar for Weddings

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily5

If your wedding is nearing, and you want to make a craft beer bar for the occasion, we’ve got a perfect tutorial for you.

This DIY by Keg Outlet is a four-part series, and the link provided is to the first part,  where you can find the brief summary of the work. In case you’re interested in doing the actual DIY, here’s Part-2, Part-3, and Part-4 of the tutorial.

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7. DIY Murphy Bar

This video tutorial by DIY PETE is incredibly creative. DIY this murphy bar with Krylon brand to light up your patio.

This murphy bar is a foldable cabinet that when folded down becomes a table with a built-in wine glass storage and shelves which you can modify as per your requirement. The paint the Youtuber used for this murphy bar is perfect as it resists fading, peeling, and cracking. Check out the video to find out!


8. 5 Easy Steps For Planning Your Home Bar

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily6

Before building a beer bar for yourself, you must plan all the things beforehand. From different home bar types to developing a blueprint for your home bar, this site will help you plan your home bar in 5 easy steps.

This post is quite elaborate but make sure to go through the entire post as it is truly educational. Especially if you’re a beginner in such home-making DIYs, this post is a must-read for you before you start with the real DIY work.

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9. Homemade bar for your Man Cave (Part 1) | DIY bar

A man cave is one of the perfect places to build your home bar. This three-part series by Perry Tools guides you on how you can make a bar for your man cave.

If you’re interested in this DIY, make sure to check Part-2, where he continues with the construction, and Part-3, where the Youtuber added final touches to the bar and make yourself a stunning homemade bar!


10. DIY How to build a table with a beer cooler

Though not a DIY beer bar, this video guides you on how to make a beer cooler cum table. This DIY is perfect for you if you don’t want to invest much on DIYing a bar for yourself.

The three beer coolers present along the midline of the table will keep your beer bottles or any other liquors cool, and the table will serve you as a perfect bar table. Overall, as long as you have this beer cooler table, you don’t need to DIY a beer bar.


11. DIY Bar: How to Build a Homemade Bar

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily7

If you’re looking for a step by step tutorial, this tutorial is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a brief guide on home bars, this post does the job.

You can expect a section ‘Anatomy of a bar’ at the beginning of the post, which will be helpful for you if you don’t know where to start. The blogger has also mentioned different types of home bars and concluded the post with required tools and materials lists.

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12. AMAZING Home Bar Build With COFFEE & BEER Taps in the Wall!

Do you wish that you could easily drink coffee and beer any time you want? If yes, here’s a perfect DIY for you. Why DIY a beer bar where you can make your entire wall a beer and a coffee dispenser?

Moreover, the Youtuber makes a custom liquor cabinet with glass doors, drawers, and a mini-fridge. Want to know how? Check out this video tutorial!


13. DIY Pallet Wood Beer Wall!

If you’re not a fan of botting the beer from the keg, managing space for your kegs in your bar is super important. But sometimes, installing a kegerator can look messy. And, of course, you want your bar to look good, don’t you?

This DIY pallet wood beer wall will be a perfect choice for your beer bar. Simply keep a table and some chairs, and some drinking accessories nearby, your beer bar is ready!


14. How to Make a Patio Bar – DIY Concrete Counter Bar with Wood Base

If you’re in a mood of something fancy, we’ve got a perfect tutorial for you. Follow this video tutorial by DIY PETE to make a patio cooler with LED lights and a built-in cooler.

Moreover, the LED lights will shine through acrylic coasters to light your drinks up. The patio bar features a concrete countertop, whereas the base is made up of wood. If you liked the idea, head over to the tutorial right away!


15. Danby DAR044A6BSLDB Kegerator Cabinet Build

A member of Homebrew talk, Selick has shared his recent project, i.e., kegerator cabinet build, in this thread. This kegerator cabinet also has a tap on the top to where the beer lines are connected.

As this tutorial is very brief and doesn’t include much details, we’d not recommend this tutorial to a newbie in woodworking.

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16. Build a Home Bar

Here’s another brief DIY home bar guide for you. Learn this post to know how you should place your home bar, the necessary requirements, and various incredible tricks.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a place to buy a kegerator, kegerator accessories, or if you simply want to read beer-related blogs, Kegerator.com is the site to visit!

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17. Kegerator Cabinet Build- Have your very own DIY bar

This kegerator cabinet is the perfect way to hide your kegerator. And, what’s more, it also serves as your home bar!

If you know how to and have skills to install a tap for the keg on the top, that would make this cabinet much handier. As per the Youtuber, it is an easy project, and you’ll find all the supplies necessary for this DIY in a local hardware store.


If you’re a beer lover, building a personal beer bar makes drinking more manageable and having fun with your friends becomes a lot easier. You can even build the beer bar in your man cave. DIYing a beer bar yourself will give you a sense of satisfaction and something to be proud of.

We’ve provided you with 18 excellent DIY beer bar ideas. Now, all you have to do is gather your supplies, tools, and of course, determination, and start the DIY right away. And, remember to show off your self-made beer bar to your friends!

17 Homemade Beer Bar Plans You Can DIY Easily8

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