16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily

It’s a fact that most guys like beer more than flowers. So, if you want to gift your man something on Valentine’s day, then why not twist a traditional flower bouquet and replace the flowers with some beers?

If your man is a beer lover, a DIY beer bouquet will make a wonderful gift for him. Follow any of these DIY beer bouquet ideas to make your own beer bouquet and gift it to your special one. Let’s have a look at them one by one!

16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily2


16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily3

If you are a DIY lover and fond of beer, you might be wondering how to make a beer bouquet from scratch. If so, this tutorial is for you! It has demonstrated the step by step procedure for making the perfect beer bouquet.

This site has listed all the materials that you’ll need to make your own beer bouquet. If you follow all the instructions listed on the site, you will have your beer bouquet ready to gift to your beer lover friend.

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2. DIY Beer Bouquet for Dad

This Youtuber made a beautiful beer bouquet for her dad using beer cans and wrapping papers. If your dad is a beer lover, you can follow her video tutorial and make the same beer bouquet as a present for your dad.

The Youtuber has also answered some of the queries and places where you can find the beer can handle in the comment section. We hope that might be useful to you too.


3. DIY Alcohol Bouquet, Candy Bouquet, Candy Board & More!

If valentine’s day is near and you want to gift your significant other a beautiful present, then what’s better than a beer bouquet? In this video tutorial, Allie Sevdalis guides you to make you a cute little alcohol bouquet with some candies for your valentine’s gift.

By following this video tutorial you can make a diverse liquor basket, but if your partner absolutely loves beer, then you can swap all the liquor bottles for beer bottles and follow the procedure as demonstrated in the video.


4. Beer Bouquet Tutorial – Beer Gift Idea for Men!

16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily4

If you plan to gift your husband a cute and small present for your anniversary, this site guides you to DIY a beer bouquet. You can prepare your own beer bouquet just by using beer bottles, paper roses and wrapping paper.

Not only for your husband, but you can make a similar bouquet for your Father on Father’s Day if your father is a beer lover.

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Still haven’t got any Valentine’s Day gift? Anniversary gift? Father’s Day gift? Need to arrange something together within a short time? No worries! The Youtuber from Seapanda Crafts will help you to make a cute beer bouquet using coffee filters and a 6 beer pack.

In the comment section of the video, the Youtuber has further suggested using cupcake wrappers instead of coffee filters.


6. DIY Beer Bouquet! – Mommy On The Go

If you are interested in DIYing your own beer bouquet but want to fancy anything and keep it simple, you should follow this video tutorial.

This Youtuber from Olazo Family has explained each and every detail of how you can make a beer bouquet using a beer bottle, fake flower, ribbon, and wrapping paper.



16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily5

This site provides you with the materials required to DIY a fantastic beer bouquet, which can make a perfect valentine’s gift for your man. You can also use a small basket or gift basket instead of a metal basket to DIY this beer bouquet.

You can also personalize the basket by adding his favorite treats, and you can give the basket a romantic touch by adding chocolate and roses. This site ensures you can make your beer basket with a couple of six-packs and less than $10 in other materials.

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8. DIY Beer Gift Idea: Beer Bouquet

Follow this short video tutorial and prepare a cute beer bouquet that can smile on anyone’s face. The materials required and the way to set up the bouquet are precisely shown in the video tutorial.

The Youtuber has used old construction paper to prop up the bottle. He further has mentioned that it is sturdy enough to add height and support for the bottles on the comment section of the video tutorial.


9. Beer and Snacks Gift Bouquet

This YouTube tutorial guides you to make the combo of beer and snacks gift basket for the special occasion. This tutorial teaches you to utilize the space left in the beer case and fill it with light snacks, making the beer basket more attractive.

The procedure for preparing the gift basket is clearly shown in the video. You can also customize your beer case, which further adds beauty to your beer bouquet.


10. How To Make a Beer Bouquet

16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily6

Father’s day coming soon, but you haven’t decided on any gift for him? No worries! Just follow the guide on this site to make a beautiful present for your father. You can see how flowers aren’t just for Mother’s day but can be a great option for Father’s day too when mixed with the brew.

The materials required and the easy step by step guide with pictures are present on the site, which will help you to make your own beer bouquet.

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11. Fathers day DIY candy+beer bouquet. Simple+easy.

In this video tutorial, the Youtuber Genie Liz has prepared a beautiful beer bouquet combined with candy for gifting her boyfriend on his birthday. You can also follow the simple and easy procedure to make your own beer bouquet and gift your Father on Father’s day.

The materials required are listed in the description section of the video, and the procedure is explained in detail in the tutorial itself.


12. How To Wrap 7 Cans Tiger Beer Bouquet

This tutorial shows how you can make a beautiful and cute little beer bouquet just by using wrapping papers and cans of beer. You can also face the same problem as one of the commenters on wrapping those beer cans as it was not shown clearly in the tutorial.

The Youtuber has also guided one of his commenters on how to glue the beer can on a bamboo stick. Moreover, you can use a flower foam instead of the bamboo stick in case you have one.


13. DIY Liquor Bouquet/Basket|Pintrest hack|Gift for significant Other|

If you want to gift someone who loves to drink, then you can simply follow this video tutorial to make your own liquor bouquet.

You can use the different size of the sticks as required to hold the liquor bottles. You can also cover the foam on which you hold the stick with the tissue paper to make it look nice. And finally, you can fill the empty spaces of the bouquet or basket with colorful tissue paper.


14. DIY Alcohol Bouquet │ Alcohol Bottle Arrangement │Gift Idea

If you want to make a diverse liquor basket then the Youtuber Sheetal has presented a beautiful video tutorial on how you can make an alcohol bouquet. But if you are a beer lover, you can simply replace all those liquor bottles with the beer bottles and follow the same procedure.

This Youtuber has answered all the queries in the comment section. If you have free time and a DIY lover, you can follow her as she has a DIY list on her youtube channel.


15. Valentine’s Day DIY: A beer bouquet

16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily7

If you want to gift your other half a beer bouquet this Valentine’s day, all you need is a 6-pack of beer, construction paper, scissors, tape, and marker to make your own beer bouquet.

You can also customize your beer casing by covering it with wrapping papers and with a sweet and romantic message for your lovable ones.

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16. Men’s bouquet

This video tutorial gives you a unique concept of adding the machine keys on the bouquet along with the beer and various snacks to make it more manly. It shows how you can use those rectangle corrugated papers to wrap up the taped portion of the keys and make it aesthetically appealing.

Moreover, the tutorial further helps you make the bouquet more romantic by making the heart shape structure with the edible sausage.


Valentine’s day is simple for men! A cute toy animal, a box of chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, and romantic cards are some of the gifts that are present right at the front of the store.

But for women, need to be creative when picking a gift for their men. However, with all these beer bouquet ideas, we’ve made your task a lot easier.

Not only for valentine’s day, but a beer bouquet also makes a perfect gift for a birthday or Father’s Day. So, DIY one right away and cheer up the beer enthusiasts in your life!

16 Homemade Beer Bouquet Ideas You Can DIY Easily8

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