19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily

Advent calendars for kids are easy. Make them an advent calendar stuffed with candies or toys for 24 days, and they’d scream with joy!

But what about all the beer enthusiasts in your life? Well, make them a beer advent calendar! Don’t know how to make one? We’ve got you covered! Here are 19 DIY beer advent calendar ideas which you can make quickly on your own.

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily1

1. Making a beer advent calendar!

This Youtube video is a beer advent DIY-cum-vlog. The Youtuber from TheSorryLife DIYed a wooden beer advent calendar for her husband. She made a wooden crate followed by a custom insert holder for the beers and the covers for the top.

If you have woodworking tools and are confident in this project, this beer advent calendar DIY is absolutely creative and an easy-to-do project. We love helping you out, so, here’s a small tip for you – the DIY starts at 6:10!

2. DIY Craft Beer Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily2

Do you want to make a rectangular beer advent calendar or a triangular one? Or, both?

Whatever the case is, this blog will definitely come in handy for you as it features the necessary supplies and procedure for making both the rectangular as well as triangular beer advent calendars.

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3. DIY Craft Beer Advent Calendar | kezimah

Make a beautiful craft beer tree-shaped advent calendar by following this YouTube tutorial. The Youtuber Kezimah used poster rolls as the beer holders and used the tallest beer bottle to estimate the rolls’ required length.

She then glued them all together, making a triangular shape out of them. Once the rolls are ready, insert the beer bottles, put back lids on, and decorate!

4. Beer Advent Calendar (Beervent Calendar)

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily3

This blogger from Instructables decided to gift a beer advent calendar to her beer enthusiast husband. The items you’ll need are 24 bottles/cans of beers, beer carriers or a box to hold the beers, tape/glue, wrapping paper, scissors, and markers.

However, instead of covering the whole bottle, she decided to cover the label on the bottle instead such that her husband would be able to unwrap a different microbrew every day. Creative, isn’t it?

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5. Beer-y Christmas Advent Calendar | DIY Holiday Craft by Forkly

Do you have empty Pringles cans waiting to be trashed? If yes, don’t throw them away! You can make a fantastic beer Christmas advent calendar out of them.

Beer cans fit perfectly inside pringles can. What’s more, if you feel that beer for all 24 days might be monotonous, you can even insert a few mini-wine and liquor bottles for a change.


19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily4

We can’t speak for you, but we here, love cute ideas! That’s why this stunning craft beer advent calendar DIY has made it to this list.

The way this blogger decorated the bottles and the holders is terrific. Moreover, the idea of tying the number of tags around the neck was brilliant.

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7. DIY Beer Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily5

This blog’s first sentence caught our eyes – ‘Create a DIY Beer Advent Calendar that can be used year after year!’ How efficient is that?

So, if you want to make something long-lasting, go for this DIY. But if you’re someone who loves crafting a new advent calendar every year, this DIY is not for you.

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8. DIY Beer Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for a straightforward tutorial with no unnecessary bluffs, this tutorial is perfect for you. Moreover, the DIY design is also incredibly minimal and requires lesser time and effort relatively.

Instead of going through the whole process of making and gluing holders for the beer cans/bottles, this Youtuber simply attaches the beer bottles to the cardboard and fixes the board onto the wall.

9. Beer Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily6

This beer advent calendar DIY looks so cool. On top of that, this project is relatively easy to do! The printed small numbers on the cover make it look much exciting than simply having big bold numbered lids on each outlet.

One of the commenters mentioned that he would build this advent calendar for his soon-to-be-21 brother such that he would pull out water bottles until his birthday and a beer bottle on the day. Such a cool idea, isn’t it?

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10. How to Build a Beer Advent Calendar | Rockwell Tools

Are you ready to put some real effort into a beer advent calendar? Well, if you do, make your woodworking tools ready and watch this video.

All the materials used in the tutorial are mentioned in the video description. However, this video is not a step-by-step guide. So, if you’re a beginner to woodworking DIYs, this video might not give enough information to start this project.

11. [Gifts for the Husband] DIY Beer Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily7

The blogger from Chasin Mason also decided to wrap the beer labels using patterned wrapping papers. Moreover, she attached circular numbered papers on the lids of the bottles.

Finally, she put all the bottles inside a stunning box and decorated it with some crinkly papers. At the end of the blog, she mentioned that she spent around $65 for the gift in total. So, if the price falls under your budget, go for this DIY!

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12. Christmas DIY: Craft beer advent calendar

Do you believe in keeping things simple? If yes, we’ve got something for you as well. This tutorial video is of about 1 minute but enough to teach you how to make a craft beer advent calendar.

Just wrap the bottles or can in different colored and patterned wrapping papers. Tie some ribbons if the receiver loves it fancy and tag the bottles. That’s it, you’re done!

13. Beer Can Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily8

Here’s another cute DIY project. The Santa gloves labels in this DIY makes it much more exciting and unique. Besides that, it’s a simple tree-shaped beer can advent calendar, which you can easily DIY on your own.

Instructables has a range of DIY blogs, from cooking to crafty woodworking and metalworking DIYs. So, if ever you require some instructions, you know where to go!

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14. DIY Advent Calendars (Coffee/Alcohol)

With this Youtube tutorial, you’ll not only learn one way to DIY an advents calendar but three ways to do so. Firstly, the Youtuber DIYs a coffee capsule advent calendar followed by 2 ways of creating 12-days beer advent calendars.

You can simply increase the number of beer bottles to create a full 24-day beer calendar. All three advents calendars were different and fantastic. Watch this short tutorial to find out these three creative DIYs!

15. Beer Crate Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily9

A beer crate holding 24 beer bottles, 24 beers, and a few tools for cutting, writing, and attaching – these are the only things you need to DIY a beer advent calendar. Want to know how? Follow the instructions given on this written DIY tutorial.

In three simple and easy steps, you’ll create a functional beer advent calendar. If you want to do some more DIYs, Instructables might have all the instructions for you.

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16. How To Make A Wine Advent Calendar

Though it is a wine advent calendar tutorial, you can follow this tutorial o create a beer advent calendar as well. However, you’ll need to carve the calendar on the X-Carve CNC from Inventables. Moreover, you’ll require some fancy woodworking tools.

So, if you’re not very knowledgeable on woodworking or are looking something easier and cheaper, this project might be a hard pass for you.

17. DIY Beer Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily10

Here’s another fun and straightforward beer advent calendar tutorial. All you need to do is decorate and wrap the beer bottles/cans in the most stunning ways possible. After you’re done, tag the bottle and store them in a crate or a box.

You can further choose to decorate the crate. Or, if you don’t have such crates/boxes, you can simply keep the beer on a table close to each other. Such a fun and cheap DIY that involves almost zero headaches, isn’t it?

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18. Mini Liquor Bottle Advent Calendar

This mini liquor bottle advent calendar DIY can be easily tweaked to make it a beer advent calendar. All you have to do is choose poster rolls that fit the beer bottles/cans; both in length and the diameter.

You can find the link to the written tutorial for this DIY, where you’ll find all the materials required along with a detailed procedure.

19. Make Your Own DIY Beer Advent Calendar

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily11

Using a 10 X 12 X 16.24 inch wooden box base, 2 large sheets of cardboard and wrapping papers, and 24 beers, of course, this blogger from The drink nation has DIYed a beautiful advent calendar. If you have these items on hand, read this blog to DIY one for yourself!

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If you feel a beer for 24 days straight might not be something you want to gift your loved ones, here’s a small tip for you – switch the beer bottles with a water or juice bottle for some days!

Finally, from all these 19 DIY beer advent calendars idea, you might have decided on one by now. Let us know which idea you loved the most!

19 Homemade Beer Advent Calendar ideas You Can DIY Easily12

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