19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily

Yes, you have a fridge or a kegerator to chill your beer bottles/cans for indoor parties and get-togethers, but what about outdoor picnics and parties? Drinking warm beer is a big No-No! So, what should you do?

To your rescue, we’ve gathered some creative and efficient DIY beer cooler ideas available on the internet, and almost all of them are easily portable. From outdoor table-cum-cooler to cooler carts, we’ve got it all covered! Here’s a list of 19 DIY beer cooler ideas.

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily9

1. Backyard Cooler Cart Project | DIY Project Plan

Keep your beer or any beverages icy cold with this insulated outdoor cooler cart. The insulated chamber is lined with aluminium to prevent it from getting wet.

Moreover, the cart also has a faucet via which the melted water can be drained. Head over to this YouTube tutorial to DIY a similar cart for you and follow Woodworks Journal journey on Youtube for more such DIYs!


2. How to Build a Patio Cooler

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily1

For around $190, you can make this fantastic patio cooler by following this tutorial. A video is attached at the beginning of the post, followed by items required, prices, and the procedure. Moreover, you can find a plan for patio cooler ice chest at the beginning of the post.

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3. DIY Jockey Beer Box In Roto Molded Cooler – Complete Kit & Conversion

Cool your keg beer without having to cool the entire keg. Do you want to know how? DIY a jockey box and run the beer line through them and drink the chilled beer instantly!

Watch this tutorial to DIYa beer jockey box for yourself. The links to the jockey box kits are given in the description box.


4. Cold Beer – Simple Cool Box Life Hack

If you’re in no mood for some fancy DIYs, here’s a perfect and probably the easiest beer cooling idea for you!

All you need is a beer box, a plastic carrier bag, and ice cubes. This DIY can come in incredibly handy if you’re planning or picnic or an outdoor party soon. An additional tip for you – use an insulated hot/cold bag instead of a plastic bag to keep the beer cooler for longer.


5. Double Tap Jockey Box: A DIY Project

Here’s a double-tap jockey box DIY tutorial for you. For all the materials and tools required, you can directly check the description box. This tutorial will be perfect for you if you don’t own a kegerator or a big enough fridge where your kegs would fit.

If you’re a beer and BBQ fanatic and would like to see some recipes, DIYs, and informational video, you will definitely love BEER-N-BBQ by Larry.



19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily2

DIY a cooler for just $50! You can find the plans at the beginning of the blog, followed by a list of supplies you’ll be needing for the project.

The DIY project is well designed, and the procedure is made easier to follow along with the help of descriptive images. Shanty-2-chic has plenty of such creative DIYs in case you’re interested.

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7. DIY How to build a table with a beer cooler

Are you planning of making an outdoor table? Or a beer cooler? Or both? If yes, you must consider this DIY.

This project features an 8-foot by 3-foot outdoor table with three compartments in the middle to fill ice for your beer bottles or cans. Isn’t the idea great?

If you’re intrigued by the idea, head over to this YouTube tutorial video right away!



19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily3

Make this portable wooden planter beverage cooler by following this step-by-step guide. Thrift a wooden planter, add plastic bags in the holes, add faucets, attach four casters in the legs, and you’re done! What’s more, you can even use the melted water to water your plants.

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9. How to Make a Patio Cooler Ice Chest

This tutorial video by DIY PETE will guide you on how to make a patio cooler ice chest. All the tools and supplies needed are mentioned in the description box. Moreover, if you didn’t find the video elaborative enough, you can find a written tutorial in the description box.

If you’re looking for more photos and downloadable plan for this project, all the links can be found in the video’s description.


10. DIY Jockey Box! (Beer Tap/cooler)

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily4

We’ve discussed a two-tapped jockey box DIY previously. Here, let’s talk about a single-tapped DIY jockey box. In 7 easy-to-do steps, you’ll DIY a fantastic jockey box beer cooler. If you own small portable kegs, the keg-jockey box duo would be perfectly portable for picnics.

Even if you own bigger kegging systems, you can skip building a kegerator if you have a jockey box like this one.

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11. How To Make Your Own DIY Pumpkin Beer Cooler

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily5

Do you want to DIY something out of the box for your next Halloween party? Is yes, this DIY beer cooler by Tipsy Bartender will definitely catch your eye. This DIY pumpkin beer cooler accommodates 24 beers. You can choose the size of the pumpkin as per your requirement.

Tipsy Bartender has plenty of cool DIYs and recipes. So, make sure to check them out!

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12. DIY Desktop Mini Fridge (5°C!!)

This DIY desktop mini fridge is perfect for picnics and outdoor parties. However, if you’re not knowledgeable in electronics, this project might not be for you. If you’re determined to do this DIY despite not being skilled enough, make sure to do it under expert supervision.

The Youtuber has further mentioned that if AC power plugs with aluminium foil or any other item that conducts power, it might be hazardous to touch. So, make sure you know what you’re doing.


13. DIY Patio Table with Cooler

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily6

Previously, we’ve discussed a DIY 8-foot by 3-foot patio table with three coolers. This DIY patio table is only 6-foot by 3-foot and features only two coolers.

So, if you don’t require a large outdoor table, save your money and time by opting for this DIY instead. Moreover, Black+Decker has many such home-making DIYs which might interest you.

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14. Build A Beer Cooler From A Keg

Repurpose your keg into a cooler! As this DIY involves metalworking, make sure you’re skilled enough for the project. Moreover, as kegs are made up of stainless steel, which is very hard, you might need professional tools for the project.

If you are confident enough and have the right tools, you must consider this DIY beer cooler. The end result is incredibly sleek and looks beer-y!


15. DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily7

This DIY concrete beverage cooler is so easy to make that almost anyone can DIY it. You don’t need to have any woodworking or metalworking skills for this project. All you need is a right set of tools and supplies and this tutorial.

As concrete can be heavy to carry around, heavy-duty casters are a great addition to it. Check out Dwelling in Happiness for more such amazing and creative DIYs.

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16. Instant Drink Chiller – How to Make a Cooling Machine

Did you know that you could cool your drink to under 10 ºC in just 60 seconds? Well, now you know! All you need to do is to DIY this cooling machine. This cooling machine was able to cool a can of beer to much lesser temperature than submerging the can in an ice bath.

The working mechanism of the machine is explained at the end of the video. RCLifeOn has a range of impressive and creative DIYs like this one. Do check them out.


17. How to Make a Portable 3 Gallon Beer Dispensing Cooler

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily8

Read this short and easy-to-follow tutorial to DIY a portable 3-gallon beer dispensing cooler. All the necessary supplies are listed in the blog, and the procedure is briefed in four bulky paragraphs.

If you homebrew, the site Homebrewing might be useful for you for educational purpose and for purchasing beer making, winemaking, or even kegging essentials.

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18. $10 Home Built Super Cooler

If you’re on a budget, this is the perfect DIY for you! Make a super cooler for under $10 by following this tutorial. The Youtuber mentions that the project is so simple that anyone can make one for themselves.

If you’re trying to adopt a frugal lifestyle, the channel CheapRVliving might have some educational and motivational videos for you.


19. DIY Beer Cooler

The Youtuber from DIY Supply DIYs a two-layered beer holder and chills them underground overnight. The temperature after 24 hours was around 8 ºC.

If you want to do more such interesting DIYs this weekend, DIY Supply might have what you’re looking for.


We’ve provided you with 19 unique and creative beer cooler ideas. From simple beer box cooler made just using a plastic bag and ice cubes to the outdoor table featuring in-built beer coolers, we’ve tried to make this list as diverse as possible.

Choose any DIY idea that matches your skill level and is budget-friendly, and start the work right away! Also, we’d like to know which DIY you plan on doing. So, let us know!

19 Homemade Beer Cooler Plans You Can DIY Easily10

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