18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily

DIYing a beer bong; it’s much easier than you think. The much more anticipated fun once the beer bong is ready is obvious, but let us tell you something – DIYing a beer bong is fun as well!

Moreover, it’ll cost you lesser than buying the same old bland beer bongs from stores and online. What’s more, you can even customize the beer bong type, size, and length as per your wish.

From flamingo beer bong to a beer bong made out of a pumpkin, we’ve got it all! Let’s look at these 18 DIY beer bong ideas one by one.

18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily1

1. The Perfect DIY Beer Bong

The Youtuber from dayswithjase decided to DIY a beer bong on his own as it was not readily available around his place. And, he DIYed a beer bong for under $10! If you don’t believe our words check the comment section for yourself.

So, if you want to DIY a ‘perfect’ beer bong as the Youtuber did, head over to this tutorial right away!

2. How to Construct a Beer Bong

18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily2

If you’re unsure about the supplies and their necessary dimensions (if required), this is the tutorial you should follow. At the end of the post, you’ll find all the items needed in detail. Moreover, all the steps are clearly detailed with appropriate illustrative images for your ease.

If you have any other ‘How to’ queries, or if you’re interested in some other DIYs, wikiHow might be your one-stop solution, as wikiHow knows it all!

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3. How to Make a Beer Bong 🍻 | Funnel – DIY

All you need is a plastic funnel, a plastic tube, and a hose clamp to make a beer bong! If you don’t know how to put together these elements, watch this short YouTube tutorial.

If you want to add a valve to your beer bong, you can easily insert one between your beer bong pipes. The Youtuber DIYed the beer bong for under $10! We can say that you’re already tempted to DIY one for yourself.

4. How to Build a Beer Bong

When it comes to tutorial blogs, it’s annoying to see bulky paragraphs with unnecessary bluffs. If you feel the same, this short and straightforward DIY beer bong blog post by College Party Guru is just what you need.

If you’re looking for themes, games, playlists, or even drinks recipes for your upcoming parties, this site has it all.

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18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily3

Mermaids aren’t just for kids! Just as the blogger from Neon Beige life did, make a fantastic mermaid beer bong gift for your mermaid lover friends. This written tutorial will guide you exactly how to.

Using only 6 supplies mentioned at the beginning of the blog, you can DIY a beautiful mermaid beer bong. If you’re someone who lives life on their own rules, you might find the blogs on this site insanely relatable. Check it out!

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6. How To Make The Best Beer Bong!

In this YouTube tutorial by Alex Mandel Drinks, the Youtuber has demonstrated how to make a valved beer bong. You’ll even get to see how the beer bong works as the Youtuber tries it himself.

All the supplies you’ll need are mentioned at the beginning of the video. Though the title says ‘The Best Beer Bong’, we’ll leave the decision up to you. Make one for yourself and decide!

7. How To Build A Basic Beer Bong w/ Valve

18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily4


Making a beer bong is not rocket science. This DIY project is incredibly easy and straightforward. For such a simple DIY, you’d expect a simple tutorial, wouldn’t you? Well, here’s one.

The only supplies you’ll be needing are a funnel, 3+ feet rubber tubing that fits snug to the funnel, a knife, and a valve. The blogger has also given information on where you can buy funnel/tube that doesn’t require fasteners.

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Looking forward to hosting an epic drink competition this upcoming party? If yes, you must DIY this atmospheric beer bong.

The Youtuber claims that the liquor comes down much faster through this beer bong, and the pressure will easily squeeze the brew into your stomach. Moreover, it takes only 5 minutes for you to make it!

Though this DIY atmospheric beer bong might be a bit more complicated than the normal ones, the end products are totally worth it!

9. How to Make the ULTIMATE Beer Bong in 5 Easy Steps! (Beer Funnel)

Filling the funnel with beer every now and then might spoil all the fun! This ultimate beer bong that holds at least 4 beers solves all the problems. On top of that, the project is only 5 easy steps long!

If you want to know what supplies you’ll need and where to buy them, watch this tutorial video by The Brew Captain.

10. Making a Beer Bong

This tutorial video will detail how to make a fantastic beer bong. The Youtubers demonstrates the entire procedure clearly. Moreover, all the materials you’ll need are mentioned at the beginning of the video.

11. Make your own beer bong

This blogger decided to write a DIY beer bong tutorial as he couldn’t find any site that had clear-cut step-by-step instructions on making one. So, if you’re a beginner to DIYs, you’ll definitely find this tutorial easy to follow.

You can complete this DIY for around $10 or even less if you don’t use any valve. What’s more, if you’re a newbie to beer bongs, read the ‘How to bong a beer out of your beer bong’ section at the end of the blog and become a pro!

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12. DIY | Flabongo (Flamingo Beer Bong)

A flamingo beer bong, or in a single word –flabongo, is incredibly easy to make yet can add some spice to your party. The purchase link to the flamingo lawn ornament is mentioned in the video’s description.

Moreover, if you can find any similar item you can make a bong out of, you don’t even need to buy the same flamingo.

13. How to Make a 5 Person Beer Funnel

If you’re thinking, making a beer bong that serves more than one person at once would be complicated, you’re absolutely wrong! With a few additional steps and 2-3 extra items in your supply list, you can DIY a 5 person beer funnel.

Follow this written tutorial by eHow if you want to make a 5 person beer funnel. Moreover, their tips and warning sections at the end of the post might be beneficial for you.

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14. How to Make a Beer Bong

Make a beer bong for about $20 by following this tutorial video. A few comments have mentioned that the beer bong in this video is overbuilt as all you need is a funnel, PVC hose, and a hose clamp.

So, decide what items you want to exclude from the build, which will eventually reduce the overall DIY cost. Watch the video till the end if you want to see a hilarious demonstration.


18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily5

Unlike many other DIY beer bong tutorials, this tutorial is very detailed, and all the procedures are well illustrated with the help of short illustrative gifs.

All the items required are listed at the beginning of the post. If you’re not sure what each item looks like, you can even check out the image attached right below the list.

Check the Details

16. How to make a beer bong tutorial


As this Youtube tutorial by Rskay12 is pretty long relatively, we’d recommend this only if you’re not in a hurry to DIY a beer bong and have plenty of time to enjoy the video.

The Youtuber DIYs the beer bong at a slow and steady pace, thus giving you enough time to know what’s he doing. You’ll even get to know how to treat a knife wound in this video! (Pun intended)

17. How to Make a Pumpkin Beer-Funnel

18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily6

If you thought a flamingo beer bong was weird, read this even-weirder pumpkin beer bong DIY tutorial! Well, if you love pumpkins and wouldn’t mind drinking a beer out of this, this crazy DIY idea will definitely catch some eyes at the party.

If you’re into music, shows, and the radio, you might want to check out CMT. Moreover, you can also expect out of the blue DIYs like this one on the site.

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18. DIY Homemade Beer Bong

So, how not to make a beer bong? That’s necessary to know as well, isn’t it? The Youtuber from dangerbean55 DIYed a beer bong out of a juice bottle, sled, and a lot of tapes!

However, if you want to be inspired by the craftiness in the video and search for different household items to make a beer bong, go ahead!


Now, all you have to do to throw an epic party is follow any of these 18 beer bong DIY tutorials and make a fantastic beer bong for yourself. But remember, as much as drinking beer out of a bong is fun and exciting, you should be equally cautious!

When you drink beer via a beer bong, the beer enters your system quite rapidly, and if you’re not careful enough, that might result in pretty disturbing situations. So, drink responsibly and don’t forget to have fun!

18 Homemade Beer Bong Ideas You Can DIY Easily7

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