18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily

Beer tap handles are easily available and don’t cost a fortune. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to make the beer tap handles on your own? What’s more, the DIY process is fun and easy!

Moreover, you don’t have to be limited to designs available in the store and can design and customize them as per your wish. Here, we’ve collected a list of DIY beer tap handle ideas for you to be inspired from. Let’s begin!

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily1

1. DIY beer tap handle

If you plan to make DIY a beer tap handle using William’s Brewing tap handle inserts, this tutorial video may be very useful. All the tools required to make a beer tap handle are mentioned in this video, where the Youtuber simply guides you through the whole process.

Moreover, while making a beer tap handle, you might face a problem while inserting the internal threads. If you want the solution, this video tutorial has a secret hack for you.


2. Making Your Own Tap Handles

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily2

For something simple faucet like structure, this site instructs you on how to construct a beer tap handle from just about anything. However, you must be able to drill a hole into and make an internal thread on the item of your choice.

Craft Beer and Brewing has more content on beer and brewing, including reviews, posts, and hundreds of brilliant recipes.

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3. Crafted Workshop: Resin & Burl Tap Handles

This video tutorial guides you to make simple beer tap handles from maple burl and resin blanks. It includes all the steps necessary to make an excellent beer tap handle, and you’ll most probably have no confusion following along.

It further provides you the details of the tools that are used to finish the product. Different from the others, this video tutorial suggests using the epoxy inside the drill hole and then threading the inserts to protect both the blanks and the inserts from breaking.


4. Build A Tap Handle: Projects

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily3

This post on Brew Your Own gives proper guidance to an unhandy person like us to make some home-made tap handles. What’s more, you can even add a label on this DIY tap handle such that your friends will know exactly what they’re pouring into their glasses.

In this tutorial, you’ll find all the detailed explanations, from choosing your materials to final touches before your tap handles are completely made, including the lists of essential supplies.

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5. Home-made Tap Handles

Let’s look at something different, shall we? Here’s a video tutorial that guides you on how to make your tap handles using the copper pipe instead of using wooden handles.

The dimensions of copper and the inserts are also mentioned in the video. You can further use the decorative ornaments on the copper faucets for your beer tap handles for aesthetic purposes.



18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily4

It seems like you can make a beer tap handle from just about anything! In this post by Bertus Brewery, you’ll learn how to DIY tap handles using the White Labs yeast vials.

This post further provides you with guidelines on removing the label from your White Labs yeast vials, which is the trickiest part of the entire process of making tap handles using these vials. Once you do so, all the remaining procedures are clearly explained in this post.

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7. Beer Tap Handles

The Youtuber Mark Hanson collaborated with his brother-in-law to DIY three different types of beer tap handles. Once you see the tutorial, like us, you’ll also be surprised by their creativity.

In two of his design, he painted the top parts with chalkboard paints such that you can label them, whereas, for the third type of tap handle, he has carved a dragon in the wood. If these ideas intrigue you, head over to the site!


8. How-To Make A Wooden Beer Tap Handle

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily5

Though you can purchase various tap handles from the market, having home-made wooden tap handles adds beauty to your bar. This written DIY tutorial on Kegworks walks you through the process of making the wooden tap handles.

With the help of a tutorial video featured on the site and a 7-steps long procedure, you’ll be able to craft excellent beer tap handles on your own.

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9. DIY Tap Handle

Would you like to DIY a beer tap handle that allows you to write labels as well as attach logos? If yes, you must check this tutorial out.

The procedure is incredibly easy and straightforward and doesn’t require fancy woodworking tools such as a lathe. If you want to purchase the supplies, all of the links are in the description box.


10. Turning a Custom Beer Tap Handle

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily6

If you have a lathe, why settle on regular rectangular tap handles, right? In this written tutorial on Instructables, you’ll be provided instructions on how to turn beer tap handles.

From wood selection to designing the tap handles to the finishing process, you can find all the information in this post.

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11. Beer Tap Handles – Part 1

In this tutorial video, the Youtuber Tom Zelickman DIYs beer tap handles for a local club. The wood he used is pinewood, and the design is simple yet classy.

However, this video is Part-1 of a 2-part series. If you’ve decided to go with this design and this tutorial, make sure to check out the Part-2 video from the channel.


12. How to Make/Build Custom Tap Handles

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily7

If you don’t have a lathe but still you want round and smooth beer tap handles, we have a solution for you. Well, this post by Mike Beer does!

However, we love giving you spoilers, so here’s one – 2’’ wooden dowels does the perfect job!

This DIY is relatively easy and straightforward. So, even if you’re a beginner, you can try this DIY as no intense woodworking is involved.

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13. DIY Tap Handle

The Youtuber from Sawdust & Wanderlust DIYed a tap handle using an old dowel. He further tweaks the design by sanding the dowel to give it a geodesic look.

The finished product looked rustic and stunning. However, the Youtuber further mentions that you can make beer tap handle using any item of your choice as long as you can insert internal threading into them.


14. ScrapHeap Beer Faucet Handle – Copper Style

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily8

Here’s another creative beer tap handle DIY idea. The blogger used ¾ ’’copper tubes to make the tap handles. However, this project requires a 3D-printer in order to print parts such as copper top and bottom, tags, and tag inserts.

Nevertheless, if you can get your hands on a 3D-printer, the rest of the process is relatively easy as all STL files are provided to you in the tutorial.

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15. Build: Custom HOMEBREW Tap Handle for my BEER!

The Youtuber made a custom homebrew tap handle using old redwood and some steel. However, you might need a lathe for this DIY project.

If you love to see some stunning woodworking DIYs on YouTube, the channel Corbin Dunn might be the next one you’d want to binge-watch!


16. ScrapHeap Beer Faucet Handles – Industrial Look

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily9

This idea is similar to the one we’ve talked about before. However, the only difference is that this DIY project involves ¾ EMT conduits in place of copper tubes. You’d still need a 3D-printer for this project.

All the downloadable files are provided, and the steps are clearly elaborated. You can find more such exciting DIYs on Instructables in case you’re interested.

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17. How to make custom ‘8Ball’ Beer Tap Handles

Here’s another unique DIY project. How cool would a pool ball look as a beer tap handle? We say it’d look exotic. With the right tools and skills, the process is incredibly easy.

The channel Dudes Brews has a lot of brewery related content, including kegerator build series. He has many recipes and equipment reviews. So, if you’re into such kinds of stuff, you might find the channel interesting.


18. An Intro to Beer Tap Handles (and Other Tap Handles) – Collecting, Tap Makers, and Where to Buy

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily10

Rather than a DIY tutorial, this is more of an introduction to beer tap handles and the types. So, if you’re deciding on DIYing beer tap handles yourself, going through this post once would only do you good.

This post has plenty of tips on buying tap handles from eBay, breweries, collectors, and Craigslists. Raintaps allows you to shop for custom tap handle umbrellas and beer gifts. So, if that sounds like your thing, pay this site a visit!

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With all these awesome DIY beer tap handle ideas, you can create your own custom tap handle designs with ease. Choose the one that best suits your personal style and your equipment list. You can even tweak these designs yourself and add your own taste.

We’ve done our part and provided you with top-notch DIY beer tap handle ideas, now your part remains. With a little bit of effort, you can boast in front of your friends for weeks. So, start the DIY right away!

18 Homemade Beer Tap Handle ideas You Can DIY Easily11

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