18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily

Are you planning on making a DIY beer gift for beer enthusiasts in your life? If yes, we’ve got you covered!

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 1

Making DIY beer gifts is not only easy and cheap, but it’s also an excellent way of telling your beer lover friends or family members or whoever you’re gifting it to that you really care. Now, let’s go through these 18 brilliant DIY beer gifts one by one.


1. DIY Beer Gift Idea: Beer Bouquet

If the man or the woman you love loves beer, this stunning beer and chocolate bouquet might be one of the most romantic gifts for them.

All you need is a few sticks, a bucket, beers, chocolates, and decorative items such as ribbons and wrapping paper. And what’s more, the gift will be ready within minutes!


2. DIY Project – Personalized Beer Openers

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 1

The blogger of Big world small girl decided to DIY three wall mounted beer openers for her three friends but ended up keeping one for herself. I mean, who could blame her? These openers are fantastic!

These beer openers are very simple. But if you want to spice it up, add chalkboard paints, or you can even decorate or carve the wood to give it a more personal touch.

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and togetherness. What better gift to give to your partner than a thoughtful DIY gift basket?

DIY this beautiful alcohol gift basket for under $30! If your valentine is an absolute beer-lover, you can use all mini-beer bottles instead. This DIY is so adorable that your partner will definitely love it!


4. DIY Beer Coasters (Father’s Day Gift Idea)

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 3

Make this simple DIY beer coasters for your father for coming father’s Day. This DIY is cheap and very easy-to-do. Once you know the tools, supplies, and the DIY procedure, you can tweak the design of the coasters as you want.

What’s more, you can even personalize the coasters. You can use custom canvas prints of your photo together as the cover of the beer mug, which will remind your father of you when he drinks beer! Hip2save has many DIY, lifestyle blogs, and reviews, in case you’re interested.

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5. Beer Candle!! DIY guide to Gel Wax Beer Candles.

Why gift scented candles to your loved-ones when you can DIY these beer candles on your own? This DIY candle will take you around 15-20 mins to make, but can make a fabulous gift to your beer lover friends.

You can even gift this to surprise your partner for their next birthday! If not, DIY one for yourself! We guarantee you that this fancy item will spice up your room’s aesthetics.


6. DIY craft beer bottle tiki torches

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 4

Though this DIY is for a wine bottle tiki torch, all you have to do is replace wine bottles with beer bottles to surprise your beer lover friend.

These tiki torches are quite easy to make and can serve as an excellent way to keep pesky bugs away from the patio area. Whoever you’ll be making this for will definitely be proud of your creativity and thougthfullness!

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7. Beer and Snacks Gift Bouquet

Here’s another incredibly simple beer and snacks gift bouquet. If you know what snacks the person loves the most, that’d be a plus poin for you. And they enjoy eating chocolates, you can add some chocolates to the basket as well.

This DIY will take you minutes to make, is cheap, and extremely easy to customize. If you’re someone who loves DIYs, ThriftyFun is the channel you must check out!


8. A Simple DIY Craft Beer Gift Basket

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 5

Are you’re convinced that you want to DIY a beer gift basket for a male beer enthusiast in your life but are confused about what to include inside? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Check this DIY craft beer gift basket blog post by Chasing daisies to find out what are the appropriate items that are to be included in a beer gift basket. If you’re still struggling, follow the exact DIY to create a super simple craft beer basket.

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Make this stunning beer cake by following the tutorial and finish it by giving your own personalized touch to it to make it more special and meaningful.

The best part about this DIY is that it is such an excellent yet inexpensive gift. We loved how the Youtuber combined everything so beautifully. We’d definitely recommend you create one.


10. 15 Last Minute Homemade Gifts For Fathers Day

If you want to build something solid and long-lasting, go for this DIY wooden beer caddy. What we like the best is that the Youtuber even attached an opener at one end of the caddy. How thoughtful is that?

However, remember that you must be skilled at woodworking to complete this project. If you’re into such woodworking, DIYs PINE Wood Art has a bunch of them on their channel.



18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 6

Make this super easy beer bouquet by following this written tutorial. If you hate brainstorming and figuring out what decorative and supplementary items go well with a bouquet of beers, simply follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Thoughtful gift club has hundreds of such gift ideas. If you’re in desperate need for one, this site might have all you need.

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12. How to make a Beer Mug Gift Basket

In case you might wanna go a bit less grand than a beer bouquet, you can always make a beer mug gift bouquet. It is much smaller and costs lesser comparatively.

Watch this tutorial to know how you can make one. You don’t necessarily have to follow this DIY; simply add the items they love and value.


13. homemade holiday gift basket for the beer lover in your life

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 7

This blog might be the perfect post for you to DIY a gift basket. If you’re confused about what and what not to add to the basket, you should definitely check this post out.

The blogger has also suggested a few great giftable beers. You can simply follow what she did and create a stunning beer gift basket for the beer lover in your life.

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Here’s another DIY beer can cake tutorial. The beer cake the Youtuber made is so stunning that you’d definitely want to DIY it. Moreover, it’s also a blog, so if you want to see her husband’s reaction, keep watching the video.

If you’re into family vlogs, Light N Us might be the next Youtube channel you’d want to binge-watch.



18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 8

This written tutorial guides you on how to make a 4-pack beer gift for the groomsmen. You can find printable designs in the post itself. You can tweak the designs and personalize them.

Moreover, if you want to create a beer gift for someone else, simply design your own sticker and decorate the beer pack. All the supplies are mentioned at the beginning of the post.

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16. DIY Beer Gift Idea: Beer Basket

Once you have all the supplies you need, this beer basket will take you only a few minutes to make. Don’t believe us? Watch the video yourself!

You can add whatever snacks or chocolates the person likes to make this gift basket more exciting. Or, you can add beer accessories such as beer openers and coasters.


17. Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Youtuber has put together two gift basket ideas for Father’s Day. One is a beer and snacks gift basket, whereas the other is Dad’s essential basket.

So, if you’re trying to bring a smile to your dad’s face on Father’s Day, this might be the perfect tutorial for you to follow.


18. Steelers Beer Table

If you’re tired of the same old-school beer bouquet and basket ideas, we’ve got something for you as well!

DIY a fabulous beer table using some inexpensive dollar tree supplies. The Youtuber did it for $5! On top of that, you can add a sticker of any item he values or of his favorite team, as she did.

Moreover, if you love doing easy DIYs like this one, you might love Elena Jenkins DIY on YouTube.


Gifts don’t have to be something expensive and fancy; it just has to be something the person will love. And, what could be more meaningful than DIYing a gift out of the items the person loves?

Moreover, you putting all the effort – that’s a gift on its own. So, go ahead and DIY any of these amazing DIY beer gift ideas to surprise your favorite beer lover!

18 Homemade Beer Gift Ideas You Can DIY Easily 9

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